Ridge Racer Type 4 Codes

Accelerator Stuck On Full:
800AC18E 00FF

Super Accelerator Stuck On Full:
800AC18E 00FF

Finish Each Lap With A Time Less Than 1 Second:
800F4BA8 0001
800F4BAC 0001
800F4BB0 0001

No Time Limit On Tracks:
800AC5A4 3AAA

Travel At Speeds Over 560kph:
800AC0D0 0FFF

Have All Dig Racing Team Cars:
50000802 0000
800F3930 FFFF

Have All R.C. Micro Mouse Mappy Cars:
50000802 0000
800F3940 FFFF

Have All Pac Racing Club Cars:
50000802 0000
800F3950 FFFF

Have All Racing Team Solvalou Cars:
50000802 0000
800F3960 FFFF

Unlock Extra Trail Mode:
800F3974 0001

Extra Trail Mode Completed:
800F397C 0101
800F397E 0101

Turbo Charge Mode:

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