Tekken 3 Codes

Infinite Lives Player 1:
800A95E6 0082

Infinite Lives Player 2:
800AAE72 0082

Enable Theatre Mode:
30097EEF 0003

Enable All Movies In Theatre Mode:
80097EC0 FFFF
80097EC2 FFFF
80097EC4 FFFF

Enable Tekken Ball Mode:
80097EEE 0003

Enable All Characters:
80097EB8 FFFF
80097EBA 001F
80097EBC 0005

Enable Tiger Character (Note 1):
80097EBC 0382

No Health Enemies In Tekken Force Mode (Note 2):
800AAE72 0000
800AC6FE 0000

Note 1 - To select to fight with Tiger, you must select Eddy with the START button.
Note 2 - This code also affects Player 2's health in other modes.

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