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Sony PlayStation

Well, This item is essential, it doesn't matter if it's a load of crap (Which it isn't). It really is great, but without it, none of the below would be any use, would it?


Sony Net Yaroze PlayStation

This is where you can make your own PlayStation games, the Net Yaroze is only available from Sony direct & can be used to program your own PlayStation games. See The Official Net Yaroze site for details.


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Replacement Laser Units
Stops skipping / long loading on faulty worn out laser units.


Transparent PlayStation Cases
Replacement cases for the PlayStation available in Blue, Black, Green, Orange and Purple.


Specialized ASCII Joystick

This arcade style joystick is ideal for beat-em ups, it delivers quick response and precision power due to the fully microswitched directional stick. With variable fire switches, turbo mode and a slow motion option, the joy stick features auto turbo and auto fire mode. Make use of the adjustable turbo feature which allows you to increase the turbo fire rate up to a maximum of 36 times a second.


Analog Joystick

Get to grips with the PlayStation Analog Joystick. A robust peripheral built to enhance the realism and gameplay of flight simulations, replicating the true feeling of the cockpit. With two modes - Analog and Digital, the joystick is extremely sensitive to your game moves, providing the ultimate control for simulations and games requiring high degrees of skill and dexterity.


Namco Arcade Stick

Designed with the serious arcade gamer in mind, the Namco Arcade Stick is perfect for fighting games or shoot 'em-ups, combining the functions of the standard PlayStation Controller with the build quality and feel of a coin-op machine. The Arcade Stick opens up the power of the PlayStation to arcade gamers - those familiar with Namco's heritage in arcade video games and those used to joystick controls - bringing the arcade into the living room.



A high quality controller, Comfortable grip, well made. Very good, similar to the Specialised one below which has a lot of extra additions.


Specialized ASCII Pad

A high quality Controller, radically styled with a superbly comfortable grip, perfect for extended periods of play. Twin speed auto fire settings give extra firepower when the going gets tough, whilst the slow motion switch allows you to slow down the action during those tricky moments.


Standard Sony Controller

Identical to the Controller supplied in the box with most PlayStations, this hand Controller is the an essential purchase for anyone who wants to equip their basic PlayStation for even-handed two-player action at minimum cost. both players will use identical Controllers - so no-one has the advantage.
Available in black, white or grey.


Analog Controller
Four action buttons, four top-mounted buttons, Directional buttons and two thumb-controlled joysticks provide the most reliable, comfortable direction control ever. Three modes - Digital, Analog and Analog Joystick make the Analog Controller the best combination of all playing modes. Smoother moves, faster turns and graduated acceleration and braking.


Sony Dual Shock Analog Controller

The Dual Shock Analog Controller gives you analogue and digital directional control, allowing precise manipulation for accurate gameplay. In addition, the controller has a built-in multi-frequency vibration function which gives a variety of sensory responses to events on screen, from minor tremors to powerful jolts. With compatible games, this force feedback response allows you to handle the action and truly feel the power of PlayStation.


PlayStation Challenger
A bright controller with a variety of colours, Just like the standard Dual Shock but it has a turbo & slow motion buttons. It feels & controls nowhere near as well though.


PSX Power Wing
Just like the standard Dual Shock but it has a turbo & slow motion buttons, but has a slick design & doesn't handle as well. Unfortunately, the D-Pad is loose & the sticks, well... tight.


PSX Power Wing Pack
This pack has the PSX Power Wing, A Mega Memory Card, & A Power Wing PlayStation Carry case. This great deal is a good thing if you need (Or want) these 3 items, Or just one, it costs the same price as the Power Wing Controller.


Speed Pad
Little more than a basic controller, The speed pad has a variety of colours, but little more than that to offer.


Namco neGcon™

Innovative, ergonomically designed twist grip (Split axis, rotates by twisting, up to 180 degrees) Controller. Features full analogue control enabling diverse steering manoeuvres. neGcon™ delivers superior ability to gently coast around smooth gradual turns or scream around dynamic hairpin bends.


Namco Jogcon
Designed specifically for Ridge Racer Type 4, it has a nifty steering wheel in the center that feels like a real wheel would.



Ergonomic, Dual analogue, shock controller brought to you by the makers of the high quality Thrustmaster PC joysticks. Has turbo & slow motion buttons but, the Start & Select are placed in an awkward position.


Infra Red Controllers
Be able to play your favourite games without the hassle of tangling leads. This pack comes with 2 controllers & receiver unit.


Nyko Maximiser

With a unique 270 degree fire buton pad with auto fire, slow motion & turbo buttons, this controller is bright & cool.


Beatmania Controller

The essential controller for one of the most popular music making titles around.


Dance Dance Revolution Controller

A Mat? Yes, with this neat controller specifically designed for Dance Dance Revolution, you can get down & boogying in the privacy of your own home! This controller, as well as being cleverly designed, with the 8 buttons + Start + Select, it also reminds you of that old family favourite Twister.


Namco G-Con 45™

Accuracy is the name of the game when playing with Namco's G-Con 45™. Namco prove once again that they can bring you the ultimate arcade gaming experience by combining precise targeting with flexibility. G-Con 45™ is equipped with an extra long cable allowing play from virtually any position within a three metre radius of the TV. G-Con 45 is featured in Namco's latest blockbuster, Time Crisis. From January 1998 the light gun will be available as a stand alone peripheral.


Predator 2

A good gun, has force feedback, although it is kind of chunky. Hard to calibrate with Time Crisis too. Also compatible with the Sega Saturn.


Protector 2

A cheaper, lighter, smaller model than the Predator 2, has force feedback, bad plasticy feel & a thick grip.


enforcer.jpg (9098 bytes)


A cheap & light model, the main selling point for this gun is the fact that it glows in the dark.


Scorpion Light Gun

Yet another light gun for use with such games as Time Crisis & Point Blank


Rumble Force Steering Wheel

The best PlayStation steering wheel around, It doesn't feel like crap as some of the others in it's class do. A cheap, but highly recommendable item.


Top Drive 2

A very basic steering wheel, tends to understeer, maybe should just be 'For kids or fist time drivers'.


Top Drive 3

Dual compatible & has reprogrammable buttons to suit your style. This wheel isn't all that great, unless you can't afford an expensiveish one. Without pedals or a gear stick, you must accelerate with the X button, but it can be used on the N64 as well.


Euro-AV Cable

The sharpest picture, clearest colours and sound of the highest definition. This cable uses the enhanced picture qualities available via RGB signal transmission and is compatible with any TV set that has a 21-pin SCART connector.


Link Cable

Created to take multi-player gaming features found in arcades into the homes of PlayStation owners, the Link Cable allows two PlayStation set-ups to be connected. With two copies of a game, two TVs, two PlayStations and the Link Cable, it's easy to enjoy real head-to-head action without the drawbacks of a split screen view on a single TV set. Unfortunately, there aren't many games that are compatible for it though.


System Link Cable
Link 2 PlayStations together for multiplayer games.


RFU Adapter

The RFU Adapter connects a PlayStation to any television set, even those without video inputs. A switch on the Adapter makes the cable compatible throughout Europe, and with the lead connected, there is no need to change leads between PlayStation and TV aerial - just turn off the PlayStation and change channels to watch television.


X-Tender Cable
Extend your Controllers cable.


Sony Memory Card

A PlayStation Memory Card is the essential purchase for all PlayStation players. Save your exact position. Store hi-scores, best times and hidden characters. Copy and exchange saves with other players on PlayStation's built-in Memory Card managers. Easy, accurate and no batteries required.
Available in grey, transparent, orange, green, blue, red and yellow.


Memory Drive

This nifty drive allows you to store your save game data on 3 inch floppy disks, which means that you can store your games on your computer for easy management.


4 Mega Memory Card

4 memory cards in one, it is a good price & is useful if you are constantly running out of space. Unfortunately, this type of memory card has been known to cause problems, the files are compressed, so errors may occur.


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24 Mega Memory Card

24 memory cards in one, it is a good price & is useful if you are constantly running out of space. Unfortunately, this type of memory card has been known to cause problems, the files are compressed, so errors may occur. Also, Why anyone could possibly want a memory card this big, astounds me!


Memory Cards

More & More Memory Cards, every size & shape you can imagine!


PlayStation Mouse

The Mouse is a perfect accompaniment to RPG and strategy games. Supplied with a PlayStation mouse mat, it provides exceptional control for those games where a standard Controller simply doesn't provide the speed and precision of mouse operation. Unfortunately though, there aren't many games on the market that are compatible.


Sony Multi Tap

The adapter allows you to use several Controllers simultaneously with the growing list of Multi Tap compatible games. Plugged in via either Controller Port, a Multi Tap allows 1 to 4 Controllers to be connected. Using two Multi Taps up to 8 people can plug in and play. Unfortunately, there are really only sports games that are compatible.



PocketStation is a miniature games console for which you can download specially designed games from your PlayStation via its Memory Card slot.
Games for PocketStation are stored on the same disc as PlayStation games. PocketStation games can enhance PlayStation games with added features. For example, using PocketStation you may be able to train up characters in your favourite PlayStation game while sitting on the bus. You can also download stand-alone PocketStation games.
It will allow you to swap game data between your PlayStations and it also allows multiplayer gaming via the built-in Infra-red data link.
As well as a pocket games console, PocketStation also acts as a standard PlayStation Memory Card.
PocketStation will be on sale in Japan from November 1998.


Datel Action Replay

Slots into the expansion port at the back of your PlayStation, & from there, it's as simple as scrolling through the built in cheats & selecting the ones that you want for the game. Features included are a memory card manager & the explorer (Which lets you view images & FMV that's on the CD, & playing music, etc). Click Here For Action Replay Codes


Datel Pro Comms Link

Got a Datel Action Replay? Got a PC? If yes, this is for you! Connect your PlayStation to your PC & create your own custom cheats, It also lets you connect to Datel's website & download whatever cheats you want.


4 Wire Standard Modchip
7 Wire Stealth Modchip
The Standard Modchip enables you to play import and backup games on your PlayStation, & it works with every model.
The Stealth Chip is for people wanting to play anti-mod PlayStation games such as Final Fantasy VIII.


PSXTasy Game Enhancer
Plugs into the Parallel I/O port on the back of the PlayStation enabling you to play Backup and Import Games without the need of a Mod Chip! This is also a cheat cartridge containing hundreds of codes for your favourite games.


RGB Scart Lead
Connect your PlayStation to your TV for superb picture and sound quality. Also will play import games on your Scart TV in colour.


VideoCD Adapter (NOT DVD) with built in Game Enhancer

Be able to watch VideoCD's on your PlayStation Console! Comes with built in Game Enhancer enabling you to play foreign and backed up games.


PlayStation™ Console Case
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe presents the new PlayStation Console Case.
The Console Case is the perfect accessory for storing and transporting your PlayStation. Equipped with additional storage space for games, peripherals and connection cables, the case has been designed for maximum mobility and protection.
  • Storage space for games, peripherals and connection cables
  • Padded for durability and protection
  • Designed for maximum mobility with removable shoulder strap
  • Adjustable internal compartments, optimising storage space


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PlayStation™ CD Case

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe presents the new PlayStation software CD Case.
The CD Case is the perfect accessory for storing and transporting PlayStation games. Designed to accommodate up to 14 games with their manuals, the case also features additional storage space for keeping those essential Memory Cards.
  • 14 disc capacity including manuals
  • PEVA sleeve lining for optimum disc care
  • Padded for durability and protection


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MediEvil Combo Pack
Top Right - Gran Turismo
Top Left - Spyro Pack

combogt.gif (8564 bytes)    PlayStationCombo Packs    combospyro.gif (8021 bytes)

Continuing its commitment to value, PlayStation brings you the new Combo Pack. Now, when you buy selected top PlayStation titles in the special Combo Packs, you have the added bonus of an official PlayStation CD Case included.
Combo Pack titles currently available are Gran Turismo, MediEvil and Spyro the Dragon, with many more top titles on the way.
The Combo Pack costs exactly the same as the stand-alone software title, but is subject to availability. You should check with your local retailer for more details.


Space Station


A good storage device for your PlayStation & all its accessories (Control Pads & Games). The CD Racks can be bought separately & attached to it. Unfortunately, It only has space for a small television set on top.


Game Soundtracks

Don't you just love some of the songs that appear in game? Can't get them out of your head? Now, with the soundtracks, you can get 'em in your head, & make sure they never get out!


Tomb Raider: Lara Croft In Wet Suit

Lara Croft, comes with 2 removable pistols & a harpoon. Very little movement, better for Display than Play.


Tekken 3 Keyrings

Low grade products, you probably will never see them unless you happen to stumble across them in one of the dark little stores in Chinatown, Sydney, Australia.


Rush Down Promotional Items

Bumbag, Beanie, & Back Pack.
The Backpack, is good, but The Beanie (Top) doesn't look all that great. The bumbag (Bottom) is pretty good, if you can find a use for it.


Tomb Raider / Witchblade Comics

Yeh, well Lara got a comic, Whoopee. There are plenty of other, better comics out there.


Tomb Raider Watch

Yeh, she got a watch as well.


Rugrats Bubble Gum

For real fans of the game, or the movie... or just gum.


Small Soldiers & A Bug's Life Spinning Chupa Chup Things

Once again, for real fans of the game, or the movie... or just Chupa chups.


Formula One '98 Flag

Made with an acrylic substance that feels like satin, this flag would make a great wall hanging or table cloth for any die hard Formula One fan.


Metal Gear Solid Figurines

Solid Snake & Meryl Silverburgh come to life in these high figurines.


WWF Wrestlemania XV Superstar Figurines

Lots of WWF figurines, not much to do with the PlayStation, but I like them & there are plenty of WWF games on the market, so there.


Next Magazines


Where would we be without them, I mean if there were no magazines, you might even have to look at my site! What a joke!
These great magazines are made by a great Aussie company, which I highly endorse, Next Gaming Pty Ltd.


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