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Wednesday June 23 1999

Sony Says 'No' To PlayStation Piracy
Sony in Australia have hired top investigators to help prevent game piracy. Within days of this, over 150 game piraters have been arrested, from small time backyard operators to full scale businesses. These people are receiving anything from hefty fines to time behind bars.
My thoughts on the topic are basically that what does the Sony corporation really expect, when each game CD costs them 15-20 cents to make & then they go out & try to sell them for $40 to well over $100. Now I realise that it costs a lot to make the actual game, but a markup this great is unbelievable. Now, I'm not condoning game piracy, but, unless Sony lowers their prices or make the games for the PSY (As the PlayStation 2 is now known) cheaper, I can see that gaming piracy shall thrive & continue into the future, at the loss.

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