Release Dates For PlayStation Games In Australia

July '99

Ape Escape Sony Platformer
Attack Of The Saucerman Psygnosis/Sony Kids Adventure
Castrol Superbikes THQ/GT Interactive Motor Bike Racing
Centipede Hasbro Retro Shoot ‘Em Up
Chessmaster Mindscape/GT Interactive Chess Simulation
Croc 2 Fox/EA Platformer
Egypt Cryo/Sony Adventure
GTA Double Pack Take 2/Jack Of All Games Car Adventure
NFL Blitz GT Interactive Football Simulation
Omega Boost Sony Space Shoot ‘Em Up
PGA Euro Tour Golf Gremlin Golf Simulation
Railroad Tycoon 2 Take 2/Jack Of All Games God Simulation
Rally Masters Gremlin Rally Racing
RC Stunt Copter Interplay/Roadshow Puzzle
Shadow Man Acclaim Action Adventure
Silent Hill Konami/GT Interactive Adventure
Syphon Filter Sony Adventure
Urban Chaos Eidos/Ozisoft Adventure
War Of The Worlds GT Interactive Strategy
WWF Attitude Acclaim Wrestling Simulation

August '99

Aeronauts Take 2/Jack Of All Games Fight Simulation
Carmaggedon SCI/Ozisoft Smash ‘Em Up
Chocobo Racing Square/Sony Chicken Racing
FA Premier League EA Soccer Simulation
Kurushi Final Sony Puzzler
Point Blank 2 Namco/Sony Shooter
Quake 2 Activision First Person Shooter
Rainbow Six Take 2/Jack Of All Games Action Adventure
Re-Volt Acclaim/Roadshow Adventure
Speed Freaks Funcom/Sony Kart Racer
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace LucasArts/Metro Action Adventure
South Park Acclaim/Roadshow Shoot ‘Em Up
Tomorrow Never Dies Fox/EA Adventure
Um Jammer Lammy Sony Interactive Music

September '99

40 Winks GT Interactive Puzzler
Actua Golf European Tour Gremlin Golf Simulation
Alien Resurrection Fox/EA Adventure
Buster & The Beanstalk Terraglyph/Sony Platformer
Discworld Noir GT Interactive Adventure
Dungeon Keeper 2 EA Strategy Adventure
Eagle One: Harrier Attack Infogrammes/Ozisoft Flight Simulation
Earthworm Jim 3D Shiny/Interplay Platformer
G-Police 2 Psygnosis/Sony Strategic Shoot ‘Em Up
Hot Wheels EA Dinky Racer
Indiana Jones LucasArts/Metro Games Adventure
Le Mans Infogrammes/Ozisoft Car Racing
MediEvil Platinum Sony Arcade Adventure
Mission: Impossible Psygnosis/Sony Action Adventure
Mulan Story Disney/Sony Platform Adventure
Nascar 2000 EA Racing
NHL 2000 EA Ice Hockey Simulation
No Fear Downhill Biking Codemasters/Ozisoft Mountain Bike Racing
Pong Hasbro Retro Arcade
Q-Bert Hasbro Retro Arcade
Shadow Madness Crave/Sony RPG
Sled Storm EA Snowmobile Racer
Space Invaders Activision Retro Shoot ‘Em Up
Star Wars Episode 1: Pod Racer Metro/LucasArts Racer
Superman Titus/GT Interactive Adventure
Smurfs Infogrammes/Ozisoft Platformer
Tanktics DMA/Gremlin Strategy
Tekken 3 Platinum Namco/Sony Beat ‘Em Up
This Is Football Sony Soccer Simulation
Tiny Tanks MGM/Sony Racer
WCW Mayhem EA Wrestling Simulation
Wip3Out Psygnosis/Sony Futuristic Racing
X-Files Fox/Sony Point & Click Adventure
Xena : Warrior Princess Sony Adventure

October '99

Ace Combat 3 Namco/Sony Flight Simulation
All Star Tennis Ubisoft Tennis Simulation
Armorines Acclaim Shoot 'Em Up
Bushido Blade 2 Square Beat Em Up
Dark Stone Take 2/Jack Of All Games Beat Em Up
Destrega Koai/Sony Beat 'Em Up
Einhander Square/Sony Scrolling Shoot ‘Em Up
Formula One '99 Psygnosis Racer
Gekido Gremlin Adventure
Grand Theft Auto 2 Take 2/Jack Of All Games Car Adventure
Hogs Of War Gremlin Strategy
ICC World Cup EA Cricket Simulation
ISS Pro ‘99 Konami/GT Interactive Soccer Simulation
Kingsley Psygnosis/Sony Action Adventure
Lander Psygnosis/Sony Puzzle Adventure
Messiah Interplay/Roadshow Platform Adventure
Motorhead 2 Gremlin Rally Racing
Omikron Eidos/Ozisoft Adventure
Parasite Eve Square/Sony Adventure
Prince Naseem Boxing Codemasters/Ozisoft Boxing Simulation
Saboteur Eidos/Ozisoft Adventure
Space Station Silicon Valley Take 2/Jack Of All Games Adventure
Spec Ops Take 2/Jack Of All Games Adventure
Star Ixiom Namco/Sony Space Shoot ‘Em Up
Suikoden 2 Konami/GT Interactive RPG
Tarzan Sony Adventure
Vigilante 8: Second Offense Activision Car Combat
X-Men Activision Beat ‘Em Up

November '99

Beatmania Konami/GT Interactive Interactive Music
Die Hard Trilogy 2 Fox/EA Driving/Shooter/Adventure
Final Fantasy VIII Square/Sony RPG
Gran Turismo 2 Sony Car Racing
Jackie Chan Extreme/Sony Scrolling Beat ‘Em Up
Pac-Man: 20th Anniversary Namco/Sony Platformer
Rayman 2 Ubisoft/Metro Games Platformer
Spyro 2 Sony Platformer
Tombi 2 Sony Platform Adventure
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Activision Skateboard Simulation
Unreal GT Interactive Adventure
Vandal Hearts 2 Konami/GT Interactive RPG

December '99

Crash Team Racing Naughty Dog/Sony Kart Racer
Dino Crisis Konami/GT Action Adventure
Dragon Valor Namco/Sony RPG
Knockout Kings 2000 EA Boxing Simulation
LEGO Racers LEGO/Roadshow Kart Racer
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions Konami/GT Interactive Sneak 'Em Up
Nightmare Creatures 2 Activision Action Adventure
Premier Manager 2000 Gremlin Soccer Management Simulation
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack Acclaim Trivia Contest
South Park Rally Acclaim Kart Racer
Spiderman Activision Action
Tenchu 2 Activision Fighting Adventure
Toy Story 2 Disney/Activision Platformer
Wu Tang: Shaolin Style Activision Action Adventure
X-Men Activision Beat ‘Em Up


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