Future Cop: LAPD Walkthrough

Zone 1: Griffith Park
Objective 1: The first thing that has to be taken care of is crowd control. Head up the ramp and destroy the two guard buildings and the APC and wipeout the crowd that's milling about.
Objective 2: Start at the east end of this area and work your way west, taking out enemies and turrets as you go. The big gun at the main gate has to be destroyed with a single mortar attack. Use another mortar on the gate to knock it down.
Objective 3: Aim for the guard towers first as they spawn foot soldiers. Destroy the reactor at the end of this area to open the plasma gate to the next section.
Objective 4: Free the hostages in the northwest sector. Destroy the three plasma generators to drop the perimeter fences.
Objective 5: Kill off all enemies while making your way to the East Side. Destroy the tank blocking your way to the next sector.
Objective 6: Make your way to the open space at the SW section of this area. Destroy the sub boss, the UFO style craft, which will crash into the gate to the next sector.
Objective 7: Secure the area before riding up to trigger the red switch. Move across the rooftops to the blue switch. Handle the crowd of soldiers and then move to the northwest section and deactivate the green gate.
Boss - Myles Mysterio:
Pause and shoot down the drones. Move onto the platform and take out the two turrets. This will activate the main gun. Pour all your firepower into the shield until the dome explodes.

Zone 2: Zuma Beach
Objective 1. Pass the civilians on the freeway and take the exit on the right. Use your mortar on any turrets that you can sight. Move into the parking lot and kill the crowd. Evade the turrets and drones while making your way to the northwest section. Drop a mortar on the power source behind the wall to open the main gate.
Objective 2: Make a mad dash straight down the middle and hide behind the bunkers while clearing all the tanks and turrets out of this zone.
Objective 3: Enter the ambush in the big purple arena. Concentrate on destroying the power sources in each corner first, kill the troopers and then make your way to the exit along the upper catwalks.
Objective 4: Activate the four switches, which will end the barracks lockdown and proceed into the next sector.
Objective 5: First destroy all the aircraft. When they're destroyed, the garages on the East Side will open and six tanks will come out. Destroy them and the next gate will open.
Objective 6: Turn off the blast furnaces. The switch is located in the southeast section of this area.
Boss - Zerxes Zeno:
Carefully move into the last area. From a safe distance take out the guards on the walkways and any drones that are flying about. Then destroy the tower, bit by bit.

Zone 3: La Brea Tar Pits
Objective 1: Drive into the courtyard and do some serious crowd controlling. Destroy the tank parked in front of the inner gate.
Objective 2: Use mortars to clean out the inner courtyard. Make your way over to the East Side to try to find more mortar targets over the wall making the next stage easier. When all is clear, grab the armour reloader & flip the switch to allow access to the aqueduct.
Objective 3: Make your way through the aqueduct slowly, making sure to take out all the enemies. Once all the enemies are dead, return to the start of the aqueduct & transform into the hovercraft. Line up all the gates & ram through until you reach the water pump. Once the pump is on, jump onto it so you can reach the ledge above it. Walk along the ledge to reach the upper wall & cross over into the next section.
Objective 4: Head down the ramp on the northwest corner & move east to the exit ramp. Move up & flip the switch to activate the water wheel. Before grabbing the weapon reloaders, be sure to take out any enemies you can spot from this vantage point. Make your way carefully through the tunnel, the smashers are now on. Once through, take out the enemies & grab the armour. Head along the south wall until you reach a gap that will drop you back down to the aqueduct. Once on the ground, fierce skimmers will attack. Once they're done with, step up into the water wheel, which will take you to the next sector.
Objective 5: Once in temple area you must find 4 switches, hidden behind statues you must destroy. Any enemies should be dealt with quickly. Grab all the pickups while avoiding the river of blood in the middle. Destroy the statue that blocks the elevator, once on the upper walkway transform into the hovercraft & speed down to the end to jump the gap into the next area.
Objective 6: The goal is to reach the purple walkway at the top of this section. Destroy the turrets as they pop up from underground. Inside the walkway transform into the walker. Jump over the cracks at a full run and then drop into the second gap.
Objective 7: Here you can see the "Maw" the object of worship at this temple. Before you take it on, kill all the other enemies milling around. It's important to get rid of all ground troops before taking on the boss.
Boss - Tiffany Kline & 'The Maw':
Jump up on the stone walkway. When you see the High Priestess, trigger all your weapons on her until you lose your targeting lock. When the Priestess is damaged enough, the Maw will defend her by spewing boulders. Drop down and duck under an overhang. When all is clear resume firing on the Priestess until she dies. When she dies the Maw dies as well.

Zone 4: Venice Beach
Objective 1. The first order of business is to secure the canal. When the speedboats come out firing, simply sit back and pick them off with rockets. When they're dead head down the canal and flip the 3 switches to open the main gate.
Objective 2: Move up to the first island. From the northwest corner secure the whole area. Proceed down the north corridor and kill the wall turrets. Exit the north corridor and sweep back around the front along the south side. Once the area is secure, flip the 3 switches that open the gate onto the next island.
Objective 3: Secure the next island. When the area is secure, flip the switches to drop the electric fence. The switch is hidden on the roof of the western building. Once the fence is down, move across the bridge to the next section.
Objective 4: Moving from east to west, secure the East Side. Get the Heavy Weapon power-up before proceeding into the courtyard on the West Side. Take out all the turrets so you can find the switches to activate the electric fence. You will have to jump across the barge to reach all this area. After the electric fences are down, move to the Iron Gate that blocks access to the beach. Take it out and enter the next sector.
Objective 5: Once on the beach, turn south and take out the aircraft that threatens the boat on the beach. Then head north to the crowd control area. Head out into the water and take out all enemies in the water with mortars. Head toward the northern most part of the beach and secure. Go back to the jetty that divides the two beach sections and make your way up the concrete and steal and over to the dividing wall. Drop down into the next area.
Objective 6: Your goal is to drop the electric fence that prevents access to Vic's place. Use your radar to locate each new switch. Open the steel door to the first island, turn off the first electric fence. Lower 2 drawbridges and turn off Vic's electric fence.
Boss - Big Vice De Tuna:
Once the fence is down and you've collected any power-ups still in this section, Vice is a sifting duck. Slowly head over to his little island and secure each area as you go. You'll meet little resistance until you meet Vice himself. He's in a huge sub-style machine, it's best to attack him from land when he's floating.

Zone 5: Hells Gate Prison
Objective 1: Take out the turrets on the outside walls. Avoid the prison shuttle and wait for this area to become secure. Wait for the next shuttle to come out and then quickly ram your way into the inner courtyard. Take out the small garrison here & then ram your way into the prison.
Objective 2: Once in this section, proceed carefully and take out the turrets. Near the East End of this section you will be attacked by two LAPD prototypes. Once they're dead, round the corner and look for thew third LAPD unit behind the wreckage under the bridge. Use your mortars to take it out and clear the way.
Objective 3: Head north and turn right. On the East Side of this section is several elevators that lead to some power-ups. Grab these then head west to the crowd control situation. Proceed to the end of the hall and slowly take out any flying enemies. When the way is clear, jump forward and find a mortar target at the end of the field. Move to the elevator and head to the prison tops.
Objective 4: Once on top of the prison you'll need to use your radar to move onto your next objective. A good rule is to not return to the ground to find your next objective. After you destroy the dropships, conserve ammo for the final battle. Grab the power ups but avoid using your hell fire missiles.
Boss - Veyhar Telkai:
This battle is very hard. You have to tackle 2 heavily armed dropships. Use your hellfire missiles for offense & your guns for defense. Fire your mortar when the dropship is overhead. You can only score a direct hit when the mortar is heading straight up.

Zone 6: Studio City
Objective 1: Destroy the 4 power stations to drop the laser fences. Take the elevator up onto the catwalk & move into the next section.
Objective 2: Watch the catwalks for turrets & the alleys for giant spiders. Make your way to the northwest section & take the elevator up to the catwalks. Use the catwalk to cross the laser fence & approach the buildings on the south end. Flip the switch to turn off the laser gate.
Objective 3: Jump across the mushrooms to make it over to the next side. Once there, take care of the bodyguard before moving onto the crowd control area. When all is clear, proceed to the next sector.
Objective 4: Move into each teleporter & flip the switch. Continue until you reach the first large teleporter. Jump past the pendulum & onto the large platform. Flip all 4 switches on the corners before going to the last teleporter.
Objective 5: After teleporting over to the castle, spiral in towards the central area. Watch for the flamebursts on each arm, move down the corridor by dodging left & right & flip all 3 switches. This will open the laser fence into the final area.
Boss - Lhoric Hollywood:
Move quickly onto the center island & concentrate all your fire on the building, then secure the area. Watch for the final boss to appear in the West End. Destroy the chemical vats before putting all of your firepower into the final boss.

Zone 7: Lax
Objective 1: Proceed through the maze of buildings flipping any red switches so to down any laser gates that block your way. Use hellfire missiles on the turrets & aircraft.
Objective 2: Move through the walkway and out into the area around the control tower. Secure the perimeter then launch mortars to take out the tower. It'll take a bit of tricky moving to get over the rubble to destroy all the tower.
Objective 3: Once on the runway, find the switch to turn off the upper runway. Proceed through this area and destroy anything you can. Once both switches have deactivated the upper runway, you must find the switch in the purple section that activates the lower runway. Move onto the lower runway and run to the West End. Transform into the hovercraft and you'll be launched into the next section.
Objective 4: Act quickly to secure the harbour. Move over to the west and destroy the shark tanks, taking out the divers. Move back into the harbour and destroy the two ships. Destroy all enemies in this area. Move slowly into the second half of the harbour and secure the area. Do not activate the lock before picking up any power-ups, then move onto the lock. Activate the switch before gliding into the lock, before the water rises destroy the tower blocking your way before moving onto the next section.
Objective 5: There are stacks of baddies that need to be taken out before you can move onto the conveyor section. The elevators leading to the conveyor system activate when you pass certain markers. Initially there's only one working elevator, just enough to get you to the first conveyor. Follow the conveyor to the first stealth bomber, walk across the bomber and through the gap in the wall then onto the next bomber. Walk onto the conveyor that leads to the back of the bomber, move past the exhaust then onto the third bomber. After dealing with some more conveyor belts you'll eventually spot a neon LAX sign, which you must go behind to find the next section.
Boss - Megilito Amoremenos:
Tear down the buildings, which hide the reloaders but don't grab them yet. Get on the conveyor and watch out for the boss, a large spaceship. Ignore any drones that the ship dispatches and just concentrate all your fire- power on the ship itself. Concentrate all three weapons on the ships center to take it down.

Zone 8: Long Beach
Objective 1: Cruise through the water and land in the first area. Take out any turrets with your electric gun. Find the switch that controls the elevator then ride up and flip the switch to turn off the electric fence.
Objective 2: Once in the second area take out the turrets on the walls, then hunt down every enemy and toxic waste barrel. When all the barrels are destroyed the gate will open.
Objective 3: Move out into the water and approach the small island. Slip around the back, taking care of the turret while protecting the hostage. When the turret is dead, activate the elevator switch. Ride up and move along the catwalk, flip the switch to turn off the gate into the next section.
Objective 4: After the satellite launch step up close to one of the four cages. Find a side with a window and target the radar dish inside. Mind the deadly satellite beams. When all four dishes are destroyed, the four satellites will crash into the next gate.
Objective 5: Find the four switches that turn off the road defenses. Kill all the cyborgs at the barracks to open the gate to the next section. In the maintenance section kill the queen first before exiting through the hole in the wall.
Objective 6: The third switch is found near the cyborg plant. Move into the center and jump onto the platform with the rotating arm. Use the action button to shut down the arm. Secure the area and throw the third switch. The final switch is located on the conveyor belts that circle this area, you'll have to transform into the hovercraft to get under some pipes. Avoid the smashers in the final leg.
Boss - Vladmir Leech And Mal:
Use your mortars to destroy the power plants, this will cause the solar panels to rise up in a stair pattern. Grab all the power-ups before heading for the final showdown. Once inside move to the active section of the final boss. When the console extends, hit it hard. There are three sections of the computer that must be handled the same way, so use your ammo sparingly. With a bit of effort it should all come to an end.

Game Over.

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