Pro Boarders Walkthrough

Suit up in your winter warmies and grab your board. Snowboarding on the PlayStation has never been so real. With real professional snowboarders, and the Winter X Games tracks, this new release from Sony is set to blow you away. With this guide you'll be scoring air like never before and grabbing gold medals in every event you enter. Here you'll find all the info on the tracks, the boards, the boarders, and the cheats.

The Boards:

This board is your basic beginners board, all characteristics are equal, and provide the novice boarder with an easy ride. This board is designed for ease of use and for ultimate compatibility. Use this board if you are having difficulties controlling the other boards.

This board is the speedster, it is designed for one thing only, and that's speed and maximum acceleration. You will still be able to do tricks, however it will be harder for you to land them. Use this board when you want fast times.
Tracks to use this board with are: Midnight Express, Boarder-X, Freeride.

This is the trickster's board, if you want to perform wild tricks, this is the board for you.
This boards design concentrates on manoeuvrability and tricks. You wont get high speeds to rival the Freeride, but you'll get the points for the tricks you can pull off.
Tracks to use this board with are: Stadium, Mt. Baker Gap, Slopestyle, I-70, and Freeride.

The pipe board is exactly what it says. This board is the ultimate for tricks. Low speed allows you to use more of the pipe, and high manoeuvrability allows for big air and huge rotations.
Tracks to use this board with are: Halfpipe, Superpipe, and Stadium.

The Passwords:
Circuit: X, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square.
Super Circuit: Square, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Circle.
Ollie B: Triangle, X, Square, X, Triangle, Circle.

The Boarders:
Note: Skill Max is 9.

Peter Line:
Stance: Goofy
Width: 20.5"
Specialty: Big Air
Angle: F 20, B 10
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
Speed: 6
Spin: 8
Aggression: 4
Jumping: 7
Hobbies: Skateboarding, drawing, computer, TV
Best Place to Ride: Ski Acres, WA
Likes to ride with: Forum team, John Bowen
Props to: Raul, FourSquare, Mack Dawg Productions
Best Day: Today
Sponsors: Forum, FourSquare, Dragon, 32
Signature Trick: Rodeo 5 (Left, Down, Left, Up)

Tina Basich:
Stance: Goofy
Width: 21"
Specialty: Big Air
Angle: F 7, B 0
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Speed: 5
Spin: 8
Aggression: 6
Jumping: 6
Hobbies: Painting, photography, bowling, piano
Best Place to Ride: Juneau, Alaska
Likes to ride with: Her brother Michael
Props to: Parents and brother for their support
Best Day: Any blue bird powder day in Alaska with my friends
Sponsors: Sims, Smith, Airwalk, Nikon
Signature Trick: Boneless Tail Grab (Down, Down, Left, Down)

Todd Richards:
Stance: Regular
Width: 21"
Specialty: Halfpipe
Angle: F 20, B 5
Hometown: Breckenridge, CO
Speed: 7
Spin: 7
Aggression: 6
Jumping: 5
Hobbies: Skateboarding, video games, German cars
Best Place to Ride: Anywhere there's powder
Likes to ride with: Peter, Daniel, Lindsey, Josh Dirksen
Props to: Mike E, Neal H., Lindsey, my family
Best Day: The day I got my skateboard
Sponsors: Morrow, Special Blend, Oakley, Nixon
Signature Trick: Divebomb Indy (Left, Down, Up, Down)

Morgan Lafonte:
Stance: Goofy
Width: 19.5"
Specialty: Freeride
Angle: F 27, BO
Hometown: Breckenridge, CO
Speed: 6
Spin: 5
Aggression: 8
Jumping: 6
Hobbies: Sailing, skateboard, wakeboard, climbing
Best Place to Ride: Where the snow is ruling
Likes to ride with: Anyone who is stoked to ride
Props to: Mum and Dad, Bob Redwood and Onyx
Best Day: Super Fat Powder days
Sponsors: K2, Dakine, Mother Nature
Signature Trick: Superman Front Flip (Up, Left, U p, Left)

Jamie Lynn:
Stance: Goofy
Width: 22"
Specialty: Big Air
Angle: F 15, B -2
Hometown: Auburn, WA
Speed: 7
Spin: 7
Aggression: 4
Jumping: 7
Hobbies: Fly fishing, BMX, visual arts
Best Place to Ride: Home
Likes to ride with: Friends
Props to: Everyone riding a snowboard
Best Day: Powder, Sun, Friends
Sponsors: Libtech, Sessions, Dragon, Vans
Signature Trick: Backflip Indy (Down, Down, Right, Left)

Shannon Dunn:
Stance: Regular
Width: 19"
Specialty: Halfpipe
Angle: F 18, B 6
Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO
Speed: 6
Spin: 7
Aggression: 5
Jumping: 7
Hobbies: Surfing, mountain biking, climbing, golf, tennis
Best Place to Ride: Utah, Alaska
Likes to ride with: Tina, Dave Leske
Props to: Mum and Dad, Bro, friends
Best Day: Surfing with dolphins, holiday with CD player
Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Nixon
Signature Trick: 720 Method to Judo (Right, Right, Down, Left)

Terje Haakonsen
Stance: Regular
Width: 21"
Specialty: Halfpipe
Angle: F 21, B 9
Hometown: Aamot, Norway
Speed: 7
Spin: 7
Aggression: 4
Jumping: 7
Hobbies: Food, soccer, surfing
Best Place to Ride: Asia
Likes to ride with: Ollie B.
Props to: Finar L., Harald R., all my friends, Jake B.
Best Day: Good food, powder, massage with dessert
Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Volcom, Reef, G Shock
Signature Trick: Indy McTwist (Up, Left, Down, Right)

Daniel Franck:
Stance: Goofy
Width: 21"
Specialty: Halfpipe
Angle: F 16, 8 4
Hometown: Oslo, Norway and LA
Speed: 6
Spin: 7
Aggression: 5
Jumping: 7
Hobbies: Skateboarding, photography, books
Best Place to Ride: Lake Tahoe, Austria
Likes to ride with: Terje, Ingemar, friends
Props to: Family, Mark and Atlantis crew, Ben R
Best Day: In the powder chillin with my creedle bros
Sponsors: Salomon, Arnette, Volcom, Drake, Vans
Signature Trick: Backflip Indy (Left, Left, Up, Down)

Ollie B (Secret Character):
Stance: Goofy
Width: 26"
Specialty: Spinning
Angle: F 0, B 0
Hometown: North Van
Speed: 9
Spin: 9
Aggression: 9
Jumping: 9
Hobbies: Video games, sewer luge, skating
Best Place to Ride: Seymour Mountain
Likes to ride with: Team Beer, Anyone without high backs
Props to: Team Beer, Team Gaijin
Best Day: Any day the cameras are out
Sponsors: Team Beer, Team Gaijin

The Tracks:

Midnight Express:
The goal is to be the first to the finish line. Pull off tricks if you want to showboat, but they won't help you win. Look for shortcuts to better your time.
Recommended Board: Freeride
Tips: Ignore all temptation to do tricks, although there are lots of rails and kickers around, don't let yourself be tempted into playing on one. This level you need to keep your head down, and go hard and fast. There are a couple of shortcuts that really save you time. Just look out for anything low enough that you will get over when going fast. If you're not winning, then also watch out for the tracks left by the other snowboarders, as they will give you ideas on where the shortcuts are.

Style and flow give you the speed to stick big scoring tricks. Carve up the walls of the Winter X Games pipe and bust as many lofty tricks as you can. Watch for other riders dropping in behind you. Each trick adds to your total score. The highest cumulative score wins.
Recommended Board: Pipe
Tips: You get a fair amount of time to get through this level, so you want to use it wisely, and the best way to do this is to minimise the distance you travel towards the end of the track between each jump. You need to try and use the speed that you have after each trick to get into the next, this way you wont need to travel very far down the track just to gain speed. The more tricks you can fit in the better, and the best tricks are the loftiest, most complex tricks. Try for plenty of spins and flips, you will also want to throw a grab. Just make sure you don't put too much into each trick otherwise you're likely to bail, and that's going to cost you valuable speed and time.

The crowd is pumped and waiting for the sickest air off the quarterpipe. All eyes are glued to you as you ramp straight in for the hero trick. Time your start to avoid the other riders. Win with the highest scoring single run in 3 minutes.
Recommended Board- Freestyle
Tips- This is fairly simple, get a clear run down to the quarterpipe, and time your jump perfectly for maximum points, too early and you will jump into the top of the jump, too late and you will either score very poorly, or miss the jump altogether. Try for big air and plenty of rotation, signature moves won't give you the points you need here, but they sure do look nice. If you want to jump off the higher points of the jump, when you first get up on your board, quickly tap left or right, and you will be lined up for the higher jump, rather than trying to line yourself up while your going down towards the jump.

Mt. Baker Gap:
The digging is done. Now go into low earth orbit and find out if the kicker will get you over the road and down to your friends. Make the most of your 3 minutes to get in as many attempts as you can. The highest sum of trick points on a single attempt wins.
Recommended Board - Freestyle
Tips- This is a tricky level, you have to choose between the left and right path, both are hard to line up perfectly on, and this leaves you little chance to time your trick. There is a Helicopter on the right hand side for a rail after the jump, and a couple of rails leading to vans for a good rail/bonk combo on the left. Both jumps have trees that you will have to dodge, with the left being the worst. Try to perfect your spin plus rail tricks to help maximise points, just as you are coming towards the rails, do a simple 360 spin, or even a more complex flip/spin, try to land on the rail with this, for a great spin/rail/bonk combo to maximise points.

Use your speed and take a creative line down to max out your hang times. Go for max points pulling tricks over rails, gaps and kickers. This level is littered with picnic tables and other bonking material to help you gain trick points or get you clobbered. Best score wins.
Recommended Board: Freestyle
Tips: This is one of the most enjoyable levels, just because of the amount of tricks possible. Try to utilise as much of the scenery as possible, long rails will guarantee you lots of points, so try and get on as many rails as you can, if you can time it correctly, increase your points with stylish mounts onto the rail, such as spins or flips. Take your time so you can pull off more tricks.

This is a giant pipe fantasyland. Get monster air here or just go find a couch. Lofting big spinny tricks is the only way to the gold. Keep your speed and go huge or go home.
Recommended Board: Pipe
Tips: This level runs on the same basic rules as the Halfpipe, take your time and use as much of the pipe as you can. There are lots of drops throughout the level, so try and time some tricks to get maximum air over the drop. The track splits up into two pipes towards the end, so you can jump in between them.

You can really make your mark in this level. Get enough air to cross two lanes of highway and a median strip. While you're at altitude, get the highest score for a single trick that you pull off. Polish off the max number of runs in 3 minutes. Go fast, take chances.
Recommended Board: Freestyle
Tips. This is fairly simple, just go for the big scoring tricks. Just keep going at it, try and get your biggest air so you can get in as many rotations and flips as possible, throw in as many grabs as you can, and make sure you land cleanly. Watch out for snowballs that are being thrown at you while you jump too.

It's about holding your speed through banks, drops, kickers, and other riders trying to take you down. Face off with the best talent world- wide and keep command of the slot to complete the course in the best time. You must master carving to succeed here.
Recommended Board: Freeride
Tips: The only rule in this level is best time wins, and the only way to get the best time, is to put your head down and race. There aren't any rails here to tempt you, but the easiest way to lose is to come off the track, you must be careful to stay between the orange lines, as this is the fastest place to ride, outside is very slow. There are a few "S" bend corners that are very sharp, the best way around these is, sharp low turns, if you fail at this, your likely to end up off the track. There are a few mounds lying around for you to jump, but be very careful when you do, as there is usually a bend in the track right after it, and you are likely to end up out of the track.

Freeride your way to top score bliss. Score trick points while dodging through trees and around other boarders. Pick up the floaty time icons (adding needed seconds to the clock) or you won't make it down before closing time. The best total trick score wins.
Recommended Board- Freestyle (circuit mode only allows Freeride)
Tips- When playing one or two player games, you will get much better results with the Freestyle board. Still, it is a good idea to play with the Freeride board, as you will not get to choose your board in circuit mode and will need all the practice you can get with the Freeride board. Get as much air as you can from all areas, and try to get in the big point tricks. Collect as many of the time icons as you can, because the more time left on your counter at the finish, the fatter your bonus will be. Try and utilise everything in site, so take your time and score big. Towards the end of the level, there are a few big dips, when you reach the end of these, you will see a wall right in front of you with an arrow pointing to the up, just go straight up that wall for an easy shortcut. The orange icons are worth 3 seconds and the green are worth 5 seconds.

General Tips:

Landing Tricks:
When performing tricks with lots of rotation: or flips, press the trick-prep button to finish off the trick and straighten up before landing.

When you come up near a rail, try to get on it at the very beginning and stay on it until the end. Some rails are sitting on the ground, and you can usually just run into them and you'll start to rail them, others are raised and you will need to jump onto them. If you time your jump correctly, you can usually land onto the rail when you do another trick, such as a 360, 72C and so on, this isn't too hard to do, and gives you heaps of points.

Practicing For Circuits:
When you enter the circuit mode, you cannot choose which board you use, so the best way to get through the circuit mode, is to use the board that you are given in circuit mode and to practice on the levels with that board in one player mode.

Heaps of attitude and aggression will get you further in this top little title. Whether going on a flat run race or pulling mighty air on the Halfpipe, always remember that the more aggressive you are then the better air you'll get therefore you'll also get better points. On downhill runs try not to slow down too often or you'll find yourself coming in last place all the time.

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