Psybadek Walkthrough

The Cunning Stunts:
The stunts are what this title is all about, being both easy to do and beautiful to watch.
The very first stunt, while being rather boring and limited, requires the least air to perform properly. It should not be underestimated due to the way it tends to destroy whatever baddies happen to be beneath you when you do it. It's main practical purpose is to help you travel further in a jump than you normally would, and it is therefore the perfect thing for covering large gaps in the platform levels.
The second and fourth stunts are superb for providing protection for a short time. They create balls that circle your character, killing anything that touches them.
The third and fifth tricks involve flames, decimating nearby creatures upon landing. The third only gets those in front of you while the fifth burns all assailing enemies.
The sixth stunt is a useless gunshot. The seventh is utterly devastating to everything on the screen if you can pull it off, as is the eighth.

Pullin' It Off:
There are only ever two situations in this groovy game when you are definitely able to pull off a stunt. The first is when you are approaching a drop-off or a sudden steep descent.
In this case you must be cautious of your trajectory as you leave the ground and make sure that you're not headed towards the side of the track. When taking off from flat ground like this you usually fall pretty fast while performing the stunt, so ensure that the drop distance is relative to the stunt you're attempting. The higher up in the colour wheel, the more air you're going to need.
The second scenario in which it is safe to try a stunt is a little harder to explain. It is possible to execute any of the many tricks even on a flat stage like Frozen Plateau, but you must know how it's done. Here's how.
Just say you're cruising along in Frozen Plateau, swooping up and down the walls and having a grand time of it. If you're going along the track, up a wall and you jump at the top of it, you'll come down fairly hard and fast. However, if you jump just as you start your descent down that wall, after you reach the height of your wall-hang, you will sustain big air for much longer than if you had jumped while still on the rise.

The Ice World:
1 Phrozen Plateau:
I can't believe you can't get past this stage! Boy, do you need this guide! Okay, follow the stars, straight down the middle all the way. When you see a penguin, jump on its head or do a stunt above it.
After the first ramp you'll notice three yellow stars in the air. Get them all for they are worth ten each. Just after the ramp there is a warp hole to the right which leads to some more stars above. The rest is dead easy.

2 Penguin Shootin' Gallery:
Using analogue, you can circle at a speed slightly faster than that of the penguins. Shoot about a metre in front of them and they will perish. In The third wave you have to jump whenever the flying penguin strikes to save your stars. It strikes regularly, so it is possible to memorize when it will happen. Use the triangle when you lose sight of it.

3 Roll-E Race:
This guy is big so it is hard to overtake

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