Resident Evil 2

A walkthrough by TSEPESH VLAD DRACUL

1.  Controls
2.  Information on the characters
3.  Walkthrough
4.  Letters
5.  Secrets

WALK-  Move the direction pad.
SHOOT GUN-  While holding "R1" push Square
RUN-  Hold down the square button and move around
MENU SCREEN-  Press "O" while playing
FILES/MAPS/LIGHTER-  Press "O", then press up, then chose.
PUSHING OBJECTS-  Get in front of the object and press and hold up, can't be running
COMBINING ITEMS-  Press the circle button, once inside the menu screen, go to the object you want to combine, press "X" and then go to combine and combine it with the other object.  The only objects that can be combined are the red, green, and blue herb's.  You can mix all three to make one herb that will heal you, cure poison, and will be stronger than just one herb.  Green herb + Green herb= A Strong herb.   Green herb + Red herb= A Strong herb. Green + Red + Blue=A super herb.  The red herb can only mix with the green herb, the blue herb can only mix the green herb, the green herb can mix with any herb including itself.  The gun parts can be combined into the guns too.
ACTION BUTTON-  "X" is the action button, it will get in doors, up ladders, and up or down elevators, etc.

Leon is rookie cop who is a good person inside, he has the guts to do almost anything on his mind.  Leon can be trusted for just about any job, he has the courage to go fourth and do what has to be done no matter what the problem or the situation is.  He is truly a hero among the rest of the cops on the squad.

Annette Birkin is a cold person who has the mind and knowledge to finish her husbands work on the G virus.  She has had a rough life, after her husband died ( William Birkin) she has been trying to finish the development of the G virus.  Her new goal in life is to finish her husbands work, she has forgotten her child Sherry who runs around the police station.  Annette is a Dangerous person and should not be trusted.

Ada Wong is a mysterious girl, her past is unknown to Leon, but Leon's courage to get out of raccoon city has blinded him.  Ada says she's looking for a reporter named Ben.   Because she says that Ben knows what happened to her boyfriend John, in the first resident evil John had turned into a zombie, and had used his girlfriends name Ada for the password on the computer.

Ben is one of those reporters who are at every crime scene, he will find his story no matter what the case may be.  His curiosity for umbrella has taken him down a road he doesn't want to go down.  But his knowledge about them has already put him in danger.

Claire Redfield is a warm person who cares about life and values it.  She loves children and will give her life to protect them.  She may be a tomboy at times but who judges her about that.  She went to Raccoon city to find her brother Chris Redfield.  But unfortunately umbrella has there own plains for him. 

William Birkin is a smart man who can make just about anything he wants, he has the brains to run his life outside of Umbrella.  He thinks everyone should be at his IQ.   He hates to explain things to people lesser than himself.  William is a brilliant scientist who reminds me of one of those crazy Scientist. 

The shy daughter of William Birkin, sherry may look little and hopeless but this child is way beyond her age by far.  She knows where the danger is and gets away from it.   She gets her smarts from her daddy William.  Don't let this child confuse her with her age.

Brian Irons is a greedy cop who cares about money and himself.  He cannot take blame for himself and will blame other people for his mistakes, he blames umbrella for the destruction of Raccoon City, when he works for them and helps them ruin his town.  He has personal problems, he gets crazy and he thinks nothing of it, he thinks that it is normal.  Brian is a sick man who likes to see people in pain and need, he gets some kind of sick pleasure from seeing people surfing. 

OK the first hint I will give you is to hit the select button and click on the "key config."  and it will give you different choices but go to "C" because its on auto aiming.  The controls are the same but if you just push "R1" then Leon will pull out his gun and point to a zombie, this is good when fighting crows.
But do that right away when ever you have time, but before you leave make sure that it says "C" you have to push the "X" button to make sure.  And oh yeah make sure that you get rid of all keys!!!!  (I suggest that you read a little ahead before you perform the event)
        You start your adventure in the allays of Raccoon city, all I can say here is keep going straight, theirs no locked doors or nothing here, just follow the path until you come to the gun shop and talk to the gun owner inside, who looks like the trunk driver from the intro.  Once the conversation ends stock up on the ammo on the corners and the table, The zombies will get the gun shop owner one way or another, you can control how he dies, well you will probably see him die because once you get the hand gun bullets on the table and turn around the zombies will break through the windows and grab the owner, but it can be fun to leave the room without getting the ammo and just here the windows break, and when you walk back into the room the zombies will be scattered all around.  If you want to kill the zombies to get the gun owners gun you can, but the shotgun can be a disable at sometimes, if your to close to a zombie and shoot him you will blow his body in half, and then you have to waste another round just to kill his upper half, although this is pretty cool to see sometimes.  ( you don't have to get the shotgun, I didn't but it will help you on your quest)!  In the gun shop you should find two hand gun bullets, and the shotgun if you want to waste your time killing all those zombies.  The next challenge you'll face is zombies in a basketball court, don't bother killing them through the fence, but keep running and you'll see a van, you should find some ammo there, on your way to the van the zombies should have broken out of the fence leaving you with a new way out, but there is a little problem with the dead pedestrians running around the street, kill them any way you like.  Next go through the door across the court.  You'll have to hop atop the trash can that blocks your alley path.  Just follow the stairs and the path, until you come across some zombies, you can either shoot them here or try to run around them, if you have to kill A zombie to get out safe then do it. But in the beginning of the game until you reach the police station the main thing you have to do it save your ammo for the horrors that await you in the future.  This next part you will find a bus, you have to go in it, there is some ammo in there. Get ready for the nasty side of the town where you will see dead people in Trash cans and on the ground, Get to the bus quickly!  Once on the bus, concentrate on the two zombies not far from you, don't take off running because one is on the ground, and they can trap you big time here.  When the coast is clear, combine the unused ammo on the carrying case in the rotting remains of a bus you're within....   Don't forget the ammo on the end of the bus.  After dodging the zombies outside the other side of the bus, take the passage to the left for a safe way to the Raccoon PD.  You could go through the gate and kill those zombies but you should save your ammo, now right when you get down on the other side and you climb your last stairs there should be a green herb in that little garden there, yep that's it.  Now the main part of the game is at your hands, to test your instincts you will be given a series of tests in which you must pass, or you die leaving your soul as a zombie running around the police station naked. You are staring at an interesting part of the Raccoon City P.D.   All is quiet for the moment, but this will change quite soon.  Explore this part a little bit and you find that there is one open door and two lock, go to the computer and you should find an ink ribbon, some hand gun bullets, and the computer.   Now by every typewriter there should be an ink ribbon, if your that pressed for them, just go up to it and check it, and I don't mean press O and then check from there.
Ok now there my not be a couple ink ribbons like on 2 type writers but on most of them there are.  The computer will tell you that you need a card key.  Now remember that statue of the front of this room, you will need to remember that.  Now go into the only door you can go into, the one in the back left hand corner from the beginning of the Police Station.  You will find A survivor, he has a few last words to tell you before he dies, and he also has a little present for you.  He tells you bye, and probably thinking that you won't make it out of here alive, but let fate decided that right now, all you have to worry about is that card key he gave you.  As you leave the room you can hear him locking the door, you get into that room later, but right now your main objective is to use the card key to get into those doors.  Go to the computer and unlock them.  Now you can see what umbrella has done to Raccoon city, but before being A hero if you didn't already grab it, grab the ammo that some poor victim was unable to use in time.  Now go through the double doors first, the first door on the left of the police station.  In here grab the report on the couch, and go to the storage chest to drop your knife, and the ink ribbon.  I hope that I don't have to tell you to save, you should of saved back there at the police station. ( I always get ink ribbons next to type writers and always forget to save, I always have to run all the way back and save it, this is normal though so don't think much about it, just think save) As you go into the next room you get a little foreshadowing where a little guy runs across the window, keep going, if your in the room where you can here the blood dripping then you know your in the right room.  Now don't be scared because nothing is going to happen until you check A beheaded body that holds ammo, and A startling form that defies gravity and earthly physiology falls to the ground.  Those sound like fighting words to me.   Now after you kill the licker and show him who is boss you will Probably be in caution, I know that I was. (Hay,  look at that blood on the ground, I hope this isn't Chris's blood.  he he.  If you don't know what I'm talking about then your not a resident Evil fan.  OK enough with the jokes) you will need to refill that life, so straight ahead right by that little light there is a herb, go get it.  Then keep going down the hall until you come across another double door, go in it and you should see chairs. There's three things in here that you will need, Some hand gun bullets right of the painting, a red jewel, and A operation Report1.  In case you haven't figured it out, you can check the painting, what you have to do here is use the lighter on the fireplace.  When you find all these things you may leave, you really don't need the reports but I would get them so you will know the story and what's going on.  I hope that your using your map, it may take a while to get used to the police station.   After exiting the briefing room, head right ( on the map ) down the hallway and go through the door (use the Herb you passed if you're losing any blood).  When you get to this point you will know, because you are trapped right in the middle of three zombies, one female and two male, if your  a quiet draw I would take out the female run to that corner and just blast away, you should have like 60 bullets if you used them like me.   This situation reminds me of my favorite charter in Resident Evil, now you guys tell me, did Berry or did he not look like a pimp, he would always have his chin down and turn his head before he would walk somewhere.  Berry was the pimp in the first resident evil, he just didn't tell you.  Oh when your fighting the zombies in this part don't try to run, or open that door because there locked.  So you have to kill them.  This part also reminds me of something, when the zombies die don't they should like Berry White, I mean listen to them "Errrrrrrrrr" that's a pretty deep voice.  After the zombies are dead enter the save room under the stairs.  Here you can grab a few rounds and store the gem.  I would not use all the green Herb's because you will run out, try to save some green Herb's so that when you get a red one you can mix it.  Because instead of mixing two green Herb's into one herb, you could find two red Herb's and have two strong Herb's, if you mixed them you would only have one,   you don't find any red Herb's until a little later, but try to save some in there.   OK if your still alive here, then you should of grab those two Herb's before the dark room, I call it the save room, and in the save room you should find Operation Report2, and some ammo, oh yeah and A ink ribbon.  Exit the save room and head up the stairs to the second floor.  Down the hallway is an odd looking display of art that is actually your second mental challenge. What you must do here is push the brown block so that it is touching the same wall that the door is on, I hope that you can see the brown panel on the ground there, but there both brown so listen to Tsepesh, now push it so that you can here the click, and then guess what, yeah, you got to do the same with the gray one and push it on the other side of the man, I found something out that the books don't tell you, around the man, like somewhere behind him if you check it you will find some more ammo.  Now go through the door after you get the red jewel, there's supposed to be two of them don't worry about it.  OK now I'm am going to give you a tip, how do you know if a zombie is dead, if he is dead than blood will start to come out of him when he is on the ground. If you don't see blood coming out of him than quietly draw out your gun and aim down, it will take like one or two shoots and then he's dead.  But you can only shoot him on the ground if blood is not coming out. OK now go throughout the door and guess what's in here, yep you guessed it more gruesome zombies that sound like Berry White.  After you done with them go into the starts bravo room.  This is the former S.T.A.R.S. office: within you'll find many items and meet up with your partner in the survival horror, Claire. They talk about how Claire will not find her brother, what's a matter with Chris being in London or what ever, oh no Claire, I have something to tell you, you won't find your brother, it gets worst then that, he's in Paris.  Claire- oh no, in Paris whatever shall I do. They act like London is evil or something, so what if he's in London he's alive, its not like he's walking around as a zombie, is being in London worst then being dead?  OK check every thing, and if you check everything, then you should see all the picture of the starts bravo team, and then you can see that Chris is the best shooter there.  And you should also find a Shotgun, Chris's Diary, a Health Spray, and Unicorn medallion.  Before you leave talk to Claire again, oh right below the Starts big flag there's some bullets.  I think that there was a herb in there, in fact I was pretty sure, but I didn't find it oh well.  If you guys can find it good for you.  That shotgun you got is going to help big time, I tell you now though don't use it until I tell you to use it, Speaking of shotguns anybody out there see the "Evil Dead" series, there's Evil dead one and two and the third one is Army of Darkness.  They are the best, but the first one has nothing to do with the second one and the third one, only those two go together in the plot.  The shotgun that you stole from that cabinet was a 12 gauge double barrel remingtion, S marts top of the line, you can find that bad baby in the sporting goods department, yeah that's right, shop smart, shop S mart.  That sweet baby was made in grand rapids MI.  Its made out of Blue cobalt steel, and it has a hair trigger to.  Dry the tears released for your grieving comrade Claire and head back down to the first floor's main hall.  You know the entrance.  Here you'll gain more access to the R.P.D. by solving the nymph fountain puzzle.  But most important is to avoid getting near any boarded-up windows on your way back, because zombies will break thorough and grab you, so don't run on that side.  Remember that fountain I was tell you about, go there, yes that's right, you have to go all the way back to the beginning of the police Station.  The other door in the room where the stars room is, is locked.  Don't go in it, go to the fountain at the beginning of the game.  Ah the riddle says "To obtain the key to open your heart, I'll wait for the Unicorn, the beautiful beast."  Now put the unicorn medallion in and you will be rewarded with the spade key, then call it the pendulum key or whatever, its the spade key.  Now go through the door to your right, the other door that you opened up from the card key on the computer, before you go into this room, get your shotgun ready and go into the room, now right when you get in there blast like about 3 rounds of the shotgun, because there's a gang of Zombies, or Berry White. The good thing about the shotgun is that it will not just shoot one of the zombies but it will shoot all of them, about three shoots should handle it, only shoot three then get your gun out and take care of any survivors.  Now after you are done with this go into the blue double doors to Leon's right.  This room is filled with ex-officers who are bad to the lifeless bone; they respond to your entrance with faintly recalled surprise party plans that are now as mutated as their feeble forms.  Kill these men now.   Watch for the sly one playing possum!  Once the coast is clear of crawling creatures grab the Ribbon stuck in the pool  of slime on a small table near the entrance.  Next go into the separated office and grab the herb's secretly kept behind the desk.  Ah there's a chest and its locked.  Now if you picked up the file you can get in there and grab those bad boys, but you lucky that I'm there just in case you forgot the code to open this bad boy is 2236.  There's two Herb's behind that desk so get them, you are probably running out of room at this moment but just follow me through here.  Go to the back of the room and you can see a dead cop laying on the floor, he has something that you want some bullets, grab them.  OK now there's two doors on the both side, don't worry about them, one is locked and one is unlocked, but listen to me.   Don't go in it just yet, you have the spade key remember, now go all the way back where you met the one who could craw on the wall, the licker because right next to that place is a door that is locked, and you need the spade key for it.  So go all the way back, past the main hall with the computer, and into the hall where the licker was.   The licker are those things that climb on the ceilings, just in case you didn't know.  OK now, inside the room is a ammo laying in obvious view, but a search deeper will also reveal a file of interest that catches Leon's strained eyes.  In the yellow cabinet is a Ribbon, and on the other side of the files is a ransacked cabinet with a box of bullets.  Hmm.... A step-ladder and a crank, could this be a puzzle...?  Well give a few pushes to the stepladder in the direction of the crank.  Step up and grab an item you won't be using for a loooooooong time.  you should find a total of 4 things, some bullets, a patrol Report, an ink ribbon, and a Crank.  When you leave the room take a right and go through the hall ways that you know so much, by now you should at lease know a little of the police station by heart, run all the way down the halls until you reach the stairs, it would be wise to stop under the stairs at that little save room and save your game, because it doesn't get easier as you go along.  Now run up the stairs and past the man who stairs at the sun and the moon.  Now keep running past the stars bravo room and to the door that was locked earlier, you haven't been here because I told you not, you didn't have the key and it was to save you time.  But now you can go into it, when you open the door about 3 zombies are eating one zombie that is on the ground, so get your shotgun ready.  When you walk in there they will not see you and keep eating, don't bother shooting because you wont' hit them, just walk forward a little bit to get there individually attention.  When one zombie gets up the rest will too.  So when all of them are standing up lift your shotgun, ( the one that was made in grand rapids ) and blast another three shots into the gang of the undead, if some are still alive use your gun to take the rest out.  From this room, go straight until you come to a dead end with a sort of red light, check that mop and you will get some bullets.  Now go through the door with that little desk next to it, just like the first one and just like Chris, Leon doesn't know how to pick locks, so you will need a small key to get into that, if you listen to me I'll get it for you.  So now that you went through that door you come upon a very big room, don't worry no zombies, so you don't have to worry about going around a corner and a undead friend coming after you. Run up the stairs and go to the second floor, run around the corner until you fall, or the floor gives way.  Now your looking at some funny picture with a little roman guy standing up hold a sword and shield.  You get out of this room by pushing that little switch to your left, yep that's it now push it.  Now does something look not right, that little picture on the wall looks like that big guy on the wall, and the big picture of the guy on the wall matches both Pictures.  That picture that you saw when you finished was the key to this puzzle.  When you pushed that red switch in, it lets you push those big book shelves now, now go to the one all the way to the left and move it to the right, now go to the next one, ( the one directly right of the one you just pushed) and move that one to the right. You should here a click, if you did exactly what I told you to do you should here the click, and that little picture on the wall should open up to revel the "bishop Plug" but if it didn't then you have to keep running back and looking at the picture on the wall and run all the way back out into the room to figure it out.  You don't need the bishop plug right now, in fact you won't need it until the end of the game, so put it in your chest.  Now here's your first red herb, its on the bottom floor of this room, next to a vase, and the vase is next to a door you have not went into yet, all you should have in your item box right now is, a hand gun, filled with bullets, and about 64 ammo, more or less, but not by much. A shotgun with 4 or more ammo, and a mixed herb, that's all you need right now, and of course the bishop plug, but we shall put that in the box later.  OK now go through the double doors at the bottom, but get ready, because right when you get out a zombie is on your right saying   (Eerrrrr).  You can use you gun here, no problem, kill the zombie on your   right and then kill the one on your left, you should be able to kill him with a long distance, you shouldn't get hit here, if you do its a waste of life.  When you kill those two zombies, continue on your right, if you took the time to see where you were you would notice that your above the main hall way, the beginning to this all.  When your in the middle check that little thing hanging on the balcony, its a ladder that will let you go down, but you need only to let it done, you should not go down it now, but keep going all the way around until you reach the other door, but be careful there's another zombie coming up.  When you get to the door you are in a save room.  Be sure to get all this stuff, the small key, remember that locked desk on the first floor.  A secretary's Diary, and A ribbon.  Save your mission and slam dunk those bad baby's ( your ink ribbons) into your trunk. I'll call it trunk now.  Now that you got all that, run back to that locked desk, across the hallway and near the library.  Yep go back, its not as far as you think.  Once you get what was inside the locked desk, the modification thing for your gun, it's like A attachment for your gun, you can now shoot rapid fire, but be careful, because you can waste a lot of ammo if your not careful.   You get that modifier for every gun, combine that h parts to your gun, looks pretty cool huh.  When you're done with that go back to that save room, the one with the small key, that means go into the library out the double doors, across the hallway and into the save room, now put what every you don't need into the trunk, and get your two red jewels out from their brief imprisonment.  In the near future you will learn the sparkling part they play. 
Now you can find out if that h gun part was wroth it, all you really can do with it is kill a zombie faster, from the save room go into the door closes to the typewriter, and your first victim should be there, bust a cap in his ass and see if you like the gun or not, and around the corner you can see some light, approach in carefully because there's a zombie around that corner waiting to get you, he's gotten me  more than once, and I've beaten the game like twice.  Now if you don't like the rapid shoot with your hand gun you can change it by going into your item screen and click on your gun, on the bottom it should say auto, and manual.  I didn't know that you were supposed to combine that with your gun, I went through the whole game, well to the end anyway without doing that, I found out you did that when I got the modification for my shoot gun, and yes you do get one for it, you get one for the colt phonon too.   After you killed that zombie and your done listening to him say ( Errrrr)  You notice that there's a door behind that helicopter but no matter how much pain you put up with it the flames just keep pulling you back.  So you must do something else, go into the other door.   There are some crows in here, I hope that you have your controller setup on key fig "C".  There's a dead man on the floor too who has some ammo.  Although the crows are getting hungry just looking at you, you can still frisk the remains of the cop in order to lift an ammo that will be of no use to him any more.  After blasting the scrawny stragglers that are still minding the body, you proceed deeper into the hallway.  CRASH! the glass shatters as fast as your gun is triggered!.  I would suggest that you find a corner and shoot them one by one, but don't just start shooting off useless shots, because if you do you gun it going to shoot more bullets then you would like, making the game that much harder for you to beat.  Sit in a corner and wait until you see one, now if your gun is on auto, it should point to them already.  But some hide around the corner so when you think that you killed them all, just be careful.   When the music is done trying to be scary then you know that you killed all the crows.  Just pass that gray door, it has no use right now.   OK once you are done killing the crows continue down the hall until you reach another gray door go into it, as you can see its the other side of the chopper, and he's right next to a water storage container too.  If only he could have ran into it.  Proceed down the stairs and kill the female zombie and the guy, you may be running quiet low on ammo now, trust me I was, you may only have just a couple bullets ( by a couple I don' mean two bullets I'm talking like maybe 10 or 5 or something like that) left in your gun, and about four rounds left in your shot gun, and you should still have those two red jewels.   Now go inside the shed, inside the shed you should get the valve handle and pack away the shells for another wormy dead person.  Next use the ribbon you find to record your game on paper.  It's guaranteed that the door within is a agitating your curiosity, but its recommended that you keep it in check.  The doors' a trap...sad, but true.  Don't open it, if you do, you will end up using more ammo then you want.   Now leave the shed the same way you entered and go back up the stairs, now there should be like a little opening around the copper so that you can get inside, not inside the copper.  you know that door that you entered this level with, its directly left of that door, its made out of like bars of steal.  Anyway go inside and use the valve handle, when you do water will put out the copper, when its out go check the nose of the copper for some bullets that you really need. 
Now that the copper is not on fire you can check that door that was you couldn't get to because of the fire.  Go back to the room where the copper was on fire in the building, and go through the door that you could not go into before.  Once inside grab the Shotgun shells resting innocently to the left. You're about to need the power of this weapon, so stock up on the buckshot.  The glimmering treasure to the left of the puzzle's impressive structure is the Diamond Key.  This diamond can be an operative's best friend.  Next, place the two red gems into the slots on the busts on each side of the main sculpture.  This will trigger a cleavage separation that reveals a rigid "rook Plug"!.  Now from here go to the save room, and put the plug, gun, and ammo in it, just take the shotgun and its shells.  Now exit the save room the same way you came in, and take a right, go into that door.  Your in that long hallway with a gray door at the end, run straight down the hallway and unlock the gray door, remember this door, I told you to run past it.  Well now you have to go into it, pick up the green herb, and go down the stairs, and pick up those two to.  Now your in a police office, you have been here already, go through it until you reach those blue double doors.  You may be A little afraid because you don't have much ammo for your shotgun, but I think you can mange this part, even if you don't you still have the game saved right, right.  Now your in the room with the blue doors run around the corner until you come to a locked door, open it and you will find some zombies, be careful I only came out of this room with one shoot left, kill the zombies and go into the room straight in front of you.  Its a gray door, inside you will get A electric Cord, A Rook Plug and a health Spray, oh and a licker, he will bust the window, don't bother with him, you don't have to kill him, now leave this room and go into the one right next to it, in this room you will get a small key that's it, don't bother checking anything else.  I told you to only grab your shotgun because you have a lot of stuff to carry, if you had your gun, and its ammo you would have to make like three trips, not wroth the time, especially if you don't have it, and you got all those Herb's too, you should only use the health spray, if you need it and maybe one herb.  There's a red herb in that hall way so get it and combine the green herb with the red one.  You are probably also wondering what all these plugs are for, you will discover there use in the game later.  Leave the room now, your in that blue hall way again, run all the way around it and go into the other brown door all the way at the other end of this hall.  you should now be in the main hallway, with the computer.  From there head to the first door on your left, go into it and run past the trunk, past the dead police man, all the way back to the save room under the stairs, now go grab your ink ribbons and save you game, slam-dunk the ribbons over hand style into your trunk.  Just take what I tell you to take, your gun, its ammo, a mixed herb, if not a health spray, if you don't have any of those then mix to Herb's.  And take the diamond key I think it was, the only key you have.  If you have a lot of ammo in your shotgun then take that, and last the cord.  Exit the dark room, and open the locked door in the room.  What you find in there are the undead searching the files for a cure to their sick syndrome, but that won't keep them from indulging in a midnight snack.  After the six zombies are ready to be put six-feet under, examine the back files and you'll find a film roll that can be developed in the darkroom adjacent to the save room.  On the other side is an ammo stash of shotgun shells, Collect this and head out the red light door to check on "old Testy Timonty, the injured cop" in the beginning. As you walk in you have to find your way to him, he is sitting on the ground enjoying his last seconds of life before he turns into a zombie right in front of your eyes, and this time he means business.  This department isn't big enough for the both of you.  Blast his head apart.  Make sure that you got every thing it includes, some ammo for the gun, green Herb's, and a memo to Leon.   Oh yeah the heart key too.  Now from here leave this room from the opposite side you came here in.  Now you are back in the main hallway.  Go into the door on the other side, the one where you have to climb those little stairs.  Yep now that your in there, its that blue room.  Go into the doors that are blue and double door.   Once inside you are in a police office, run to the back by that dead cop, and enter the room, the locked one, the one you need the heart key for, its useless now get rid of it.  OK the hallway is an easy one, just run along the hall until you come upon a panel that urine's for a cord, shove your cord in it and metal sheets will cover the window, not allowing any unwanted trespassers.  In his hallway, behind the stairway is a shelf, go check it and you pick up some ammo for your double barrel remingtion.   Now proceed down the stairs.  But beware of the dogs, there three of them total.  Just go ahead a little bit and kill the first mutt.  This part is tricky because when you go ahead you can either go left or right, quickly run to your right don't stop for nothing until you reach some two double doors then turn around and blast the hell out of them.  Try not to waste to much ammo.  Try to survive these dogs, they have a good plane, there plan worked on me and nearly killed me.  When you reach the double doors go into them, in this room there's a red herb in the beginning, get it if you have a green herb to combined it.  I did, but if you don't have a green herb don't pick it up.  In this room there's two mutt's on paw patrol, there walking around on the top tough, if you just run to the other end and turn around and pick them to death from that point.  Go into the save room save your game and put anything that is not useful.  Now from here go back to that main hallway of this level with those two double doors.  Go into the one on the far east, in here there is a green herb and a Map of Police B1.  Go to the generator and the point of this puzzle is to make the little needle go to 80, there are a whole bunch of ways to do this but here's one, (up, up, down, up, down).  Now that the electricity courses correctly can enter the parking lot to the west.  Go into the parking lot now, you can find this because it says parking lot right next to it.  This is a big level, but the only thing in here is a herb, and a door on the other side.  As you proceed a little bit someone shoots at you, its Ada Wong.  She looks like a whore but too bad she's not.  She tells you that she's looking for a man named john, and that if we work together they can push the van out of the way.  Its wonderful what miss Wong can do in that dress.  I got mad at myself at this part, to push something you can't be running and you just have to walk into it, I was running like an idiot trying to push that stupid van!  OK once you get in run all the way to the end, forget that first door, keep going until you get to the ammo for your gun, then go through the gate.  As you approach the last cell A man name Ben tells you about himself, as Leon tries to get in and warn him of his danger in there he doesn't listen, he tells them how to get out of the city.  For a sec there now that I think about it, that was a good idea, zombies are too stupid to open a cell, and Ben had the key, but that sound they heard sounded like it had muscles. I would of went with them.  Before you leave this room get the man hole opener or the Allen wrench.  And leave and go into the door that you missed early.  Ah look at that little doggies in there play pen, you see that red herb on the ground, if you pick it up they will jump out, so if you want it or need it, kill the doggies first and then pick it up, or if you don't need it they won't get out.  Now go down the hole, if your this far I'm pretty sure that you can beat the game.  OK down here is unwelcome guessed, you have to fight two dirty spiders, there as big as they were in the first one, I would have at least six shoots with the shoot gun, it takes three shoots a spider, and that's in close rang, you should have a herb mixed with a red and green one, if the spiders spit acid on you, you will get poisoned. 
But don't worry there's a blue herb coming up, just don't take your time, because when your poisoned you loses a little of your life, if will keep draining slowly.  After you killed both spiders, continue through the passage.  Quickly go into the storage room, you can find this because it says Storage room.  In here save your game, and get your plugs out, the rook, king, bishop plug.  You will need these, and if your poisoned grab that blue herb and mix it with your blue and red herb, just to make it stronger.  Now that your good and ready to fight more evil, exit the save room and go into the room to your left, the one that starts with a "S".  Once in here make your way to the back (Don't bother wasting your time in here, there's nothing) and put your plugs in the little box.  Now run back out and you will find Ada walking right by you like you are a wall.  Leon feels he has to say some words to her because they're the only humans alive so far.  Ada doesn't say much to Leon and she asks for him to help her up into the vent.  From here on you control Ada Wong for a short period of the game.  Go through the door and go forward a little and you should see rin tin tin, after you shoot about a couple caps in him, another doggy shall come running around the corner to help his fallen companion.  After you kill them go straight down your only path and take a right, go down the elevator and pick up the shoot gun shells for Leon, that is the only thing in the room, go back up the lalavator and go the opposite direction.  In this room your job is to push the boxes so that they are in a line, so you can walk across them when water fills that part of the room.  Ok what you do is forget the third box and focus your eyes on the two boxes touching each other.  You have to line them up in a straight line against the wall.  Ok now that you have them in line, go up and push the button that's looks red, or is flashing.  Water should come up and fill the bottom floor making the boxes float up, so that you can walk across them to that shelf that's on the other side of the room.  The only things in this room is the map on the wall and the club key.  Now run out and go back to Leon.   There is a cinema and Ada says that she can not reach the vent and will find another way out, she throws the club key at Leon, he looks down and then she try's to hit Leon in the box with a box of Shotgun shells.  Pick them up.  Now go back through the Sewers, and the Kennels (That's the part with jails and stuff) and past the parking lot, going to the first basement floor.  Before exiting the parking lot into the first basement floor it might be a good idea to get ready to kill two lickers.   Right when you enter this room one will craw towards you, two shots from your trusty shot gun should send the hell spawn back to Satan, when you go forward a little another one will attack you with a fist full of rage.  Now you have to look for the double doors that say "Autopsy Room" in here you will find only A "Key Card" for unlocking the weapon storage room.  When you run by to pick up the key that's on the shelf A zombie will come out of the wall, it is best to kill him now, because when you pick up the card key the zombies that were on the floor will join the world of the living once more.  Once your done killing some zombie butt, go to the weapon Storage room now, where you learn how to defend your self from the living dead.   Once you get into the weapon Storage room, you should find Two hand gun bullets, and a box of shot gun shells.  Now in the locker you will find a "Submachine gun" and a "Side Pack" the side pack will allow you to hold more ideas, the Submachine gun will take up two spaces.  Read this part with Caution *if you plan to squeeze every last drop out of this game then you have to beat the game four time, one time with Leon, then Claire, then Leon, then Claire.  Each time it gets harder and the game changes some, meaning that everything I told you up there is not going to be the same as the next time you play it with Claire, after you beat it with Leon it will say save, when you save it, it will save as Claire.  Then you have to play it as Claire and then beat it, and when you beat it with Claire it will say at the end, save as Leon.   Then you have to play and beat it with Leon.  Get it, its kind of hard to get, but theirs two games with Leon and two with Claire.  Now what does the "Side Pack" and the "Submachine Gun" have to do with this?  If you take the "Submachine Gun" and or the "Side pack" when you play the game through with Claire, you won't be able to get them, and the game is harder each time you beat it.   So I suggest that you leave it there until your last game. DON'T PICK THEM UP, TRUST ME YOU WILL NEED THEM FOR CLAIRE, IT GETS ALOT HARDER!  Ok leave the room, in fact leave this whole section, return down the hall and take the path in the middle, you have to go up the stairs into the R.P.D first floor again.  Right when you climb up the stairs you can open up the door behind the stair's, in this room you will find the "Magnum Gun" the Watchman's Diary and Shotgun Shells.  Some ink ribbons too, but you don't really need them, I had like eight at the time so I didn't pick them up.  Now leave this room and go all the way back to the Interrogation Room.   This is complicated let me guide you through, leave this part of the room now, run down the hall with steel sheets covering the windows, and pick up as many of the green Herb's as you can that are right next to the door, leave the room.  Now your back in the Police office again, if your at the right part you should see the dead police man on the ground, go into the double blue doors at the end of the other side of the office.  
First things first, your main need right now is to find a storage chest so you can put some of your junk away, when you leave the police office using the big blue double doors, go into the room right across and to the left of it, now you should be in the main hall of the police station.  The First room you enter when you were running away from the zombies at the beginning of the game, the hallway with the computer, and the two other doors in the room, lets not forget the balcony above the room.  Go into the first door on the left, the big brown double doors because theirs a storage chest in here, in here you should put away the magnum and any Herb's if you got them, and take out your crank.  You should always carry around a super herb with you, one that is mixed with a red one, a green one, and blue if you got it, and only use it when you life says danger.   Listen to me, DO NOT USE THE MAGNUM UNTIL I TELL YOU, THE ONLY WAY I BEAT THE GAME WAS WITH THE MAGNUM, YOU ONLY USE IT ON WILLIAM, OR TYRENT! Ok don't use any.  Now leave the storage room, go back out the brown double doors, and into the main hallway again.  Once in here go into the door where you have to climb those three steps to get into.  Now your back in the hallway with the big blue double doors.  Run all the way down the hallway until you have reached the direct opposite of where you began in the room.  Go into the brown door, in here is a long brown hallway too.  Run down the hallway until you run into the door that is at the dead end.  The door should be blue, and there should be a picture of the sky next to it.  In this room you have to light the big furnace, then push the button in the middle, or 12.  Then the one closed to you, 13.  Then 11.  And the wheel should fall off the picture that's in the corner of the room, pick it up and leave it in your pockets, don't take it out you need it.  Now leave this room, and the hallway that is outside this room.   Now your in that long hallway again, run all the way until you get to the door that is at the dead end and go in it, your back in the main hallway again, remember the computer.  This is where the emergency ladder comes to help, go up it so that your on the second floor of the main hallway.  I warn you though, be armed and dangerous with your shotgun when you come up it, because there is a licker right next to you when you come up it, this licker took me three shots with the shotgun.  Ah well go left of the way you came up the ladder, into the brown double doors.  Remember this place, its the library!  Now go up the stairs and go into the door, now your on the 3rd floor of the main hallway, go into the only door you can go into.  Use your crank in the hole in the wall at the back of the room, and go up the steps, the crank brings down.  Now check the gears on the wall and a place is missing, put the gear in it and a door opens up, go check it and lo and behold the last of the four plugs, the "Knight Plug", check it again and it says its an old shaft, will you go down it, of course go down it and when you land a cinema takes place where Ben the reporter is being attack by tyrant, go to him its the last room at the end of the hallway, and he tells you about the story of umbrella a little, that he was holding out on them all along.  What's this!? What's this!? Something comes out of Ben chest, ahhh look at this, its Tyrants son, isn't he so cute.  When Ben dies Ada Wong comes in not carrying about Ben death, she doesn't even give a look, and Leon doesn't seem to care to much either.  And she give Leon A letter from the chief, and she's out again with two shakes of a lambs tail.  I hope that your full of ammo because now you have to put that last plug into place, that means going down into the sewers, Leave the room and go into the next only room in that hallway.

Go down the ladder, and aren't you glad you killed those spiders, now go into the save room and save your game, because it gets a lot harder from here, make sure that you have, all you guns and ammo, except your magnum, and all the Herb's you can carry, I mean A super Herb's, and maybe one little green herb because you have to fight that Tyrants son, that little monster that same out of Ben.  Right when you walk in a little bit a cinema will take place showing you that the little monster came in the room through the sewer, and it will grow, now you should hopefully have twelve shots with the shotgun, five in your gun and seven in your box of shells, right when you can take control of the game again, pick up your shotgun and hold down the x button blowing all five shots into the creature, but count your shots up to five, when you done put the next five in and do the same, don't run around or anything because those little bugs will get you anyway, so just stand in that same spot and shooting him.  It takes eleven shots with your shotgun, remember count them. 

If you don't have that much ammo with it waste all of your shells on him, then pick it up with your gun, when the monster is dead run up to the box and put the last plug in there, the knight plug, and venture forth.  Leon will take a few steps and Ada Wong will drop from the ceiling, she's acting normal not saying a word, and Leon yells at her telling her not to take off like that again, that there are zombies every where, not to mention that thing that attacked Ben.  Ada is convinced or sounds like it, now she will follow you, this is a good thing because she will attack zombies too.  Now go the only path you can go to, through the water and climb up on the little ledge, pick up the two blue herb's and walk in the door, there's a save room here, it would be a good idea to save your game here.  In this save room you should find a F-Spray that is in the lockers close to the elevator, some hand gun bullets that are in the little red desk, sewer manager fax that is on the desk, and an ink ribbon that is by the typewriter.  Now put away your blue herb's, you will mix them later.  Now looking at the red desk that it is in your right back hand corner, move your eyes left, and you should see a gray cabinet that looks movable, that's right it is now push it out of the way, and go down the ladder.  When you go down there it is too dark to see anything, but don't worry there's a kerosene lamp down there directly right from where you where when you first went down there, you should see the flashy little white thing, pick it up and its magnum bullets, those are always good to see, and in the other part of the room, you have to find another lamp to light, in this part you will find shotguns shells.   Ada Wong won't follow you down there so if your wondering where she is, she's still up the ladder, when you got all these go back up the ladder and save your game, put the ribbons and the magnum bullets away.  Now be sure that you take the F-Spray and the valve handle because you will need them shortly.  When you go down the lift you will find out that there is yet another survivor who plans on being the only one.  Leon will go take a little nap for a little while, and Ada Wong knows who that girl was, you will take control of Ada Wong again, run down the hall and take the sewer map that is on the will, jump into the water and take a left and climb the ladder going into the fans.   Run straight through this part without stopping.  Next run past the green light and she gets shot at by the girl, the girl asks her what's her name, and a long cool cinema begins, telling how the Tyrant got lose in the Police Station, and the girl tells Ada that John is dead, and that she won't let anyone take the G-virus, that it is greater than the T-virus in the first Resident Evil.  She tells Ada that none of this would have happen if they didn't try to steal the virus from them.  In the cinema William tells himself that nobody will take it from him, he steps back and a glass falls, the agents shoot William. 
William knowing his fate injected the G-virus into his own body to stay alive, it brought him back, he goes and takes revenge for what they did to him, the agents screams echo down the hallways.  William kills all the agents expect one, and his name is "Hunk" but we will talk about that later.  You find out how the virus spread out through the city because rats were playing in the virus and that they ran around town biting people, This is when Ada Wong shows her Kung-Fu and Bitch Slaps Annette Birkin into the water.  When you gain control of Ada again run across the bridge and go down the ladder, here something moves in the water, and its not Ecco the dolphin, then Ada screams.  Leon wakes up from his short nap, go the same way you did with Ada expect don't go up the ladder into the fans, keep running through the water until you come across another legged at the end of the water, climb up it and there's two dead bodies there, check them and you will find shotgun shells and a "Wolf Medal" this is important.  Now run the opposite direction until you can either go left or right, take Leon's left, there's two big mean spiders that you shouldn't worry about, don't shoot them just keep running, if you stop they will drop poison on you, and that's a long way back to the storage room.  Go into the door and go straight until you come across running water that is going to fast for you to walk through, and on the right there's a machine, go to in and put your Wolf Medal in it, don't take a long time here because Spiders are on there way to you, once you put it in, climb up the ledge and go into the door that is nearby.  When your in this room go straight until you come to the red light and use your "valve handle" here, at the side of the door you just came into there should be two blue herb's, pick one up if you need it but you need all the space you can have right now, which should be two spaces.  Once you run across the bridge there is another blinking light, use your valve handle here too, and the bridge will go back up, when you get up there you will be glad that you did it now, instead of running all the way back and moving the bridge up.  There are two green herb's, and A type writer with an ink ribbon next to it, ignore them right now and run into the door.  Now you are in A long hallway, change your hand gun so that it is on Manual, because all you need here is about one shot, two if your not good.  Keep running down the hallway until you come across a green blinking light, remember that, you will have to run back here later and push it when I tell you too.  Now ran all the way to you see Ada shooting at the water, Leon calls to her and she gives him a scared face, BOOM! two big nasty jaws come from the water and almost get Leon, now you have A big ugly Alligator coming your way, run quickly to the now red blinking light and push it, A Tank of hydrogen should fall out right next to you, leave it there and keep running down the hall until you turn the corner, and make it so that your not to close to the corner, that if you miss a shot that the Alligator will get you, but you have to see the Alligator come around the corner with the tank of hydrogen in his mouth, if you run down the corner to much you will get a messed up camera view, and that's not good.  If that happens to you then when you think that Alligator is around the corner, or just half his body, shoot about two caps at him, the bullets should his the hydrogen tank that is now in his mouth and it should blow his upper mouth in half.  Once you did that, take no time to look at his dead corpse, put your hand gun back on Auto by going into the Inventory screen and clicking on your handgun and going to auto.  Run down the hallway until you get to the door, it will say that there is a emergency lock on, there's a switch next to it, turn it on so that you can talk to Ada. Now that you can control Leon, and Ada will follow you, from here go up the ladder, and take the bridge across, remember putting it back up there, and go up the balcony until you come to the dead cop, search him and you should find the Eagle Metal, and the sewer mans diary.  Now go back down the balcony and to the flashing red light next to the ladder, that is right next to the fan, use your valve handle here and the fan will stop spinning, this allows you to go through the fans.  Now that you went down the ladder back into the water go to the machine with the medals, you have to put the Eagle Medal in it now, as you are running down the tunnel those spiders have changed into zombies, I don't know how but now there zombies, run to the back of these zombies in the corner and pull out your shotgun, don't waste no more than three shots from it, and wait until the zombies come to you, don't just go running out into them, they can tear you up a lot.  Ada maybe will help you, if they get to close to you two.  Once they are all dead run straight down this hallway until you come to the door, open it and these spiders are still spiders, no problem, run to the end, the part where the water is rushing to fast for you to go into and put the eagle medal in the slot where it belongs, the water should stop running, and it will allow you to go into the door, like I said before don't waste to much time here because the spiders are running your way, and fast.  Go into the door and it will look like your underground, there should be dirt and pipes and what not.  Go the only path that you can,  and then something will like hit the ground, you know this because dirt fly's to the ground.  Keep going until you see the Transporter, and the red flashing light to the right of it, go activated it and go into the Transporter.  Once it starts moving Tyrant will stick his hand in through the roof hoping to hurt something, you will know where he will stick his hand next because of the dirt falling from the ceiling, the dirt will fall about three seconds before his hand comes through.  *DO NOT WASTE YOUR AMMO HERE, JUST KEEP RUNNING AWAY FROM THE DIRT, ADA WONG WILL HURT IT BY HERSELF* Once Ada hurts it enough it will go away for another day, get off the Transporter and go to Leon's left, you will find a gun A flare gun, light it using your lighter and a flare will take off, its light will show you something glowing on the floor, pick it up its the "W lock key" you will come across a locker later in the game that is locked, inside of it is the gun parts for the Magnum gun, which makes it stronger than it already is.  I hope that you haven't used it yet!  Now go into the door, in here is a long hallway, go forward a bit just enough so that you can see when a zombies turns the corner, because you can either go left and right, but stay back.  Just wait for a zombie to come to you, the first one will come from the left, kill him with you hand gun, and he will get up one more time, kill him again.  Then A zombie will come from your right, waste him too, he too will get up again like zombies do.  Now run forward and take a right about two steps and pick up your hand gun and kill the zombies that are coming in front of you.  Once you killed both of them, and they have come to life one more time again, go there way and see what they were protecting, its the Shotgun Parts, what joy!  Now your shotgun has become more deadlier and stronger than ever, Leon now hasn't to brace the shotgun on his knee and arms just to make sure the spring back won't break his arms.  Now go the only other way.  Remember you will run out of room quickly so pick up what I tell you to pick up, and leave what I tell you to leave.  Once you are inside the door now turn the corner, until you see blood on the floor, its safe until you see the blood, once you see it stop, because its about time a zombie from the right will come out, kill him with your hand gun, and when he killed him twice equip your shotgun.  and run on the right side a little, shoot A shot into the two zombies only once!  Then equip your hand gun again, and kill the zombie that is behind you and around the corner.  Go up the ladder and in here is a save room, there are quite a lot of things in here for you to get so make sure that you get them all.  First of all put away your valve handle and your w lock key, than go find these things, shotguns shells, magnum bullets, A f. Aid Spray can, that's is in the glass cabinet, and of course a ink ribbon, save your game here because this is the part where it gets nasty.  Once you saved your game, go to the chest and put away your ink ribbon, and get out your magnum and its bullets.  You should have one space left for A key you must get in a little while, you should have everything I have on you, here we go.  Your hand gun full with 18 bullets, and about 12 bullet's left on the side.  You should have one F. Aid sprays, Your shotgun loaded with 7 shots, and 13 shells on the side.  You should have your magnum full and 16 bullets on the side.  You have all this because why?  In a little while you have to fight Tyrant for the first time, and believe me its not easy.  Ok this is how you use your F. Aid sprays, they will give you all your life back, so don't use them until you have your life in danger.  Now leave the room, take the door out.  Your in a big warehouse now, go to the back left and you should find some hand gun bullets, bringing them up to 27, there's a map towards the end of this warehouse to.  Now you are outside and there's a big orange machine, you go to the flashing red light and it says there's a hole here, you need a key, go inside the big orange machine and grab the key and the back wall, its a little to the right, go outside and turn the switch, then the whole platform is falling down, you will be inside and Tyrant will stick his hand through the wall hurting Ada Wong, she's easy prey now, go to the door and it will say you have a little time to be outside while the platform is moving.  Equip your magnum and be careful with it, you don't want to lose any bullets on stupid things now.  Once your outside and exploring a little bit Tyrant will jump down from the machine, run as far away from him as you can and aim your gun at him, the gun should aim automatic, and just start blasting his ass away, remember count your shots, you only have to eight, and then hit start and reload them from there.  You can take about 2 to 3 hits before you should check your life and see if you need life or not.  Use it when you need it and then start pounding on him again.  It takes 8 shoots with the magnum to kill him.  Once you have killed him, Leon goes and talk to Ada, and he takes her to a save room, in here you want to save and look for supplies.  Now you want to get ride of your hand gun bullets, use them to kill the zombies from now on, but for stronger enemies like walking plant men or something like that you can use stronger things when I tell you to.  Now put everything in the chest expect your shotgun, and its bullets.  Now leave the room, and the next room too.  Now you have two ways to go, A red path, and A blue path.  Take the blue one, and run past the first two doors, until you come to a frozen one.  In here grab the F. Aid spray and the Fuse Case, The Fuse Case is right next to the F. Aid Spray, take it and go to the computer, and put it in there to get the "Main Fuse".  Leave the room and go back to where you had to chose from two paths.  When your there you should see a blue light, and A red one.  Put the Main Fuse in the middle there, its like A machine in middle of all the three paths total.  Now go down the red path, and there is a switch that you can push, when you push it two plant men will come out, lift up your hell sender and shoot them down.  They spilt acid at you that will get in your way all the time, once you killed them continue down the hall way, if your life is in danger then heal it.  Go into the only room you can,  in this room you should find, The lab security manual, and the flame thrower, two blue herb's, and the user registration.  You will see a plant in the corner moving around, it looks a lot like plant 42.  There is a dead body on the ground and he poured gasoline all over himself, what you have to do is light that bad boy on fire so it will burn the plant.  When the plant is gone go into the vent, right when you get down shoot two shots into the screen, it will hit and kill the two lickers that are in here, you should find in this room, A ink ribbon, and two boxes of shotgun shells.  Once you are done with this, exit the room, be aware that those two plant men are back to life again, you must send them to hell one more time.  After they are dead go back to the save room, how you ask, leave this hallway until you see the two paths again, take the white one and have your shotgun ready, because this room is now full of naked zombies.  You should take the crowd out with two shots, and if there's one crawling on the ground kill him too.  When you get into the storage room you find that Ada Wong is gone, take some herb's out if you need them and use them until your in fine, and take a F. Aid Spray for the road, save your game and put the ink ribbons back in the chest, now leave to the red path again, because this time you have to go into the door that you opened to let the plant men out.  In this room you find a big planet has taken over this floor, the first thing you should do is kill that plant man with the flame thrower, and then take the ladder down, and go into the room.  Get your shotgun ready and go forward until a licker fall's from the ceiling, kill him.  And go forward a little, two more lickers will come from around the corner, kill them and pick up the herb's and use about two of them, if you life is full all the way keep one.  Keep going down the door, and around the tunnel, until you come to a chest, from here take out your w lock key.  Remember that, and go through the door armed.  Go around the corner and you should see A part of an opening that looks like A nest or something.  Don't go in there just yet, go into the big brown doors, in here is A locker that you must open to get the magnum parts, when you get them go the other way.  There should be a zombie in here, use your flame thrower to kill him, go into the slide door and kill him, and all the zombies in this big room.  The only thing in this room is the umbrella key card at the end of the room, keep searching until you find it, it flashes.  When you get it leave this room, and the one before it so that your in the room with the nest.  Go through this hallway until you come to the door, check it and it will use your key card, once in here go forward until you can see the moth, kill him and then go to the computer, you can't reach it because of the bugs, aim down and shoot them, when you get to the computer it will say user name, put in "GUEST" and it will check everything from there, now you have to go all the way back to where you put the main fuse, on the way there when you past the chest put your flame thrower in there if you have no more ammo in it.  Before you leave the room with nest in it, pick up the red herb that is outside of the room where you got your magnum parts.  Now leave the room, when you get to that chest, mix the red herb with a green and blue one to make a super herb, only use this when you life is in danger, and combine the magnum with its parts, and pull out your gun.  When you leave this room just have your shotgun, its ammo, your hand gun, its ammo, the umbrella card key, and A super herb.  When you get into the next room A licker will fall from the sky, kill it with your shotgun, and keep going all the way back to the main fuse.  If that green herb is still on the ground pick it up.  Go up the ladder to the fuse, now take the blue path and open the door that needs a card key.  In here are a lot of zombies, waste all your hand gun bullets first then use your shotgun.  In this room you should find A F. Aid Spray, A "MO disk.  Leave this room now, Annette Birkin waits for you outside, she tells you about Ada and that she is a spy.  After the cinema, A alarm goes off saying "All employees to the bottom platform" go down the white path and go to the storage room, in here save your game first and then take out your magnum gun and bullets.  Total you should have your magnum, its bullets, your shotgun, its bullets, the MO disk, and take out your super herb and fill the rest of spaces with F. Aid Spray, if you don't have enough then take your super herb.  All the spaces should be filled up, now go down the red path and Ada will tell you to give her the G-virus, A cinema takes place where she dies.  Continue through the doors, down the ladder where the plants are, and all through the tunnels until you get to the bottom platform, you know this because there's a flashing red light saying insert MO disk, insert it and go through so you can take the elevator out of this crazy place.  On the way you will come across lickers, and zombies. Kill them with the shotgun, until you have no more ammo, then run by them to put the MO disk in, and go down the hallway to the elevator, get ready to fight Tyrant.  Use A F-Spray before the fight.  You activate the elevator by the red button on the side.  Tyrant will bust through one of the ceiling panels and fall down.  When he lands he body changes again, his body changes for a better fight.  Run as far back as you can, but still in that lane, keep pounding floor William with the magnum.  Just keep shooting don't stop because when you kill him, he transforms again into the Final Tyrant.  Now don't shot him now because he's not in front of you anymore, his on top of the glasses or whatever.  He is know like A Lion, stalking you.  This Tyrant can run extremely fast, and pounce at you.  So run around a lot and shoot him when ever you can, when he is dead go to the elevator and the computer will take control of it here, your job is done, now you just watch as Leon grabs onto the train at the last second and gets out Raccoon City alive along with Claire and Sherry.  Get ready to play as Claire.


Mr. Chris Redfield Raccoon City Police Dept.  S.T.A.R.S division As per your request, we have conducted our internal investigation and discovered the following information:
  1) Regarding the G-virus currently under development by Umbrella Inc.  So far it is unconfirmed that the G-virus even exists.  We're continuing with our investigation.
  2) Regarding Mr. Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.  Mr. Irons has allegedly received a large sum of funds in bribes from Umbrellas Inc. over the last five years.  He was apparently involved in the cover up of the mansion lab case along with several other incidents in which Umbrella appears to have direct involvement.  Mr. Irons had been arrested under suspicion of rape on two separate counts during his years as a university student.  He underwent psychiatric evaluation as a result of the charges but was released due to circumstantial evidence as well as his psychiatric academic standing.  As such, extreme caution is advised when dealing with him.  Jack Hamilton Section Chief Internal Investigations United States Federal Police Department

April 6th
I accidentally moved one of the stone statues on the second floor when I leaned against it.  When the chief found out about it, he was furious.  I swear the guy nearly bit my head off, screaming at me never to touch the statue again.  If it's so important then maybe he shouldn't have put it our in the open like that... 
April 7th
I heard that all the art pieces from the chief's collection are rare items, literally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I don't know which is the bigger mystery: where he finds those tacky things, or where he's getting the money to pay for them.
May 10th
I wasn't surprised to see the chief come in today with yet another large picture frame in his hands.  This time it was a really disturbing painting depicting a nude person being hanged.  I was appalled by the expression on the chief's face as he leered at the painting.  Why anyone would consider something like that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension..

June 8th
As I was straightening up the chief's room he burst through the door with a furious look on his face.  It's only been 2 months since I've started working here, but that's the second time I've seen him like this.  The last time was when I bumped into the statue, only this time he looked even more agitated than ever.  I seriously thought for a moment that he was going to hurt me.
June 10th
The chief has been locked inside his room for the past two days.  He won't come out for any reason and people are beginning to spread rumors.
June 15th
I finally discovered what the chief has been hiding all along.   If he finds out that I know, my life will be in serious danger.  It's getting late already.  I'm just going to have to take this one day at a time...

August 8th
I talked to the chief today once again, but he refused to listen to me I know for certain that Umbrella conducted T-virus research in that mansion.  Anyone infected turns into a zombie.  But the entire mansion wet up in the explosion; along with any incriminating evidence.  Since Umbrella employs so many people in town, no one is willing to talk about the incident.  It looks like I'm running out of options.
August 17th
We've been receiving a lot of local reports about strange monsters appearing at random throughout the city.  This must be the work of Umbrella.
August 24th
With the help of Jill and Barry, I finally obtained information vital to this case.  Umbrella has begun research on the new G-virus, a variation of the original T-virus.  Haven't they done enough damage already?!  We talked it over, and have decided to fly to the main Umbrella HQ in Europe.  I can't tell my sister about this trip because doing so could put her in danger.  Please forgive me Claire.

To whom it may concern:
I've sealed my own fate...  I lost the key vital to my survival.  Without that key, it is only a matter of time before I am overcome by the zombies and become one of them.  I can't bear the thought of infecting others when it finally happens.  If only I could recall where I left that key...  It is inevitable that I will be caught and infected by the zombies...  Before this happens, I leave one last important message:  if you happen find the key within the complex, proceed to the lab immediately.  It may be your only hope.

-User List of the Connecting Facility-
On the first and third Wednesdays of the month, Angelica Margaret, chief of the maintenance, will make use of the facilities.  Be sure to reduce the moisture levels in the facility be activating the fan, as the equipment she will be using is susceptible to the effects of water vapors.  On the 18th every month, the chemical transporter Don Weller will use the facility.  The chemicals he will be transporting are extremely volatile.  Extremely caution should be observed throughout their transport.  On 6th and 16th every month, police chief Brian Irons will visit the facility to attend the regular meeting that take place in the lab.  On the fourth Friday of every other month, William Birkin will use the facility to conduct a training seminar for the Chicago Brach of Umbrella Inc.  As the probability of an attack upon Dr. Birkin will be high, take every measure conceivable to guard his life.  You will be informed of all other potential visitors and the times they will arrive as needed.  Guide these individuals to their destination safely.  We expect nothing but the best from you. Charles Coleman Seretary Chief Umbrella Headquarters.

June 28th
It's been a while, but I saw Don today and we talked after completing out work.  He told me he had been sick in bed until yesterday.  It really doesn't come as much of a surprise given how long he's been working here.  He was sweating like a horse and kept scratching his body while we were talking.  I asked if he was hot, but he just looked at me funny.  What's wrong with him anyway?
July 7th
Chief Irons has been visiting the lab quite often lately.  I don't know what he's doing over there but he always looks grim.  the expression on his face has been even more unsettling than usual...  My guess is that its because of Dr. Birkin's impossible request.  The chief has my sympathies though.  After all he's done for the town, he doesn't deserve this.
July 21st I rarely drink because I'm on the graveyard shift, but don't suppose I have much to complain about since this is how I make my living.  I saw this new guy working at the lab today.  He was tall, skinny and well dressed.  His annual bonus is probably larger than my salary.  The world ain't fair...
August 16
Chief Irons came in late today, looking grimmer than his usual self.  I tried to joke with him to cheer him up but he wasn't amused.  He pulled his gun and threatened to shoot me!  I was able to calm him down, but that guy must have some serious problems.  He knows he can't enter the lab without my help and medal.  This is what it means for the chief "to serve and protect"?!
August 21st
William informed me that the police and media have begun their investigation on Umbrellas affairs.  He said that the investigation will be citywide and that there is A possibility they'll even search through the sewers.  He asked me to suspend all umbrella sewer facility operations until the investigation has concluded.  The sewer will still be used for passage, but he stressed that I have to be extremely cautions and that I'd lose my job if anyone finds out about this operation. 

September 23rd
It's all over.  Those imbeciles from Umbrella have finally done it...  Despite all their promises, they've ruined my town.  Soon the streets will be infested with zombies.  I'm beginning to think that I may even be infected myself.  I'll kill everyone in town if this turns out to be true!!!
September 24th
I was successful in spreading confusion among the police as planned.  I've made sure that no one from the outside will come to help.  With the delays in police actions, no one will have the chance to escape the city alive.  I've seen to it personally that all escape routes from inside the precinct have been cut off as well.  There are several survivors still attempting to escape through the lower levels, but I'll make sure no one gets out.
September 26th
I've had a change of heart about the remaining survivors inside the precinct.  I've decided to hunt them down myself.  I shot ED in the back through the heart less than an hour ago.  I watched him writhe in pain upon the floor in the pool of his own blood.  The expression on his face was exquisite.  He died with his eyes wide open, starring up at me.  It was beautiful.  I wonder if the mayor's daughter is still alive?  I let her escape so I could enjoy hunting her down later...  I'm going to enjoy my new trophy.  yes, frozen forever in the pose I choose to give her.

Pictured in front of the Arukas tailor.  Regressed into a zombie within two hours.  Subject repeatedly complained abut severe agitation of the epidermis in addition to feelings of nausea.  This happened up to the moment he lost consciousness.  Picture by R. lambert

Development Code: T-103 Due to accelerated metabolism relative to the earlier 00 series, this subject possesses exemplary regenerative capabilities.

August 25
I finally had the chance to see blue skies for the first time in ages, but it did little to lift my sprits.  I was reprimanded by the chief for neglecting my duties while I was up on the clock tower.  There's only one thing I still don't understand:  the chief seemed to be more concerned about the fact that I was up on the tower rather than that I was neglecting my duties.  Why was access to the tower prohibited in the first place anyway?
September 19
I recently talked to the old man who works in the scrap yard out back,  his name is Thomas.  he's a quiet man and really seems to enjoy chess.  He even went so far as to design a  special key and lock engraved with chess pieces on them for one of the doors in the disposal yard.  We made plans to play chess tomorrow night.  I can't help but wonder how good he is.  One thing that's been bothering me about him is the way that he's always scratching himself.   Does he have some sort of skin disease or he is just rude?
September 23rd
Thomas was a much better player than I had imagined.  I used  to think of myself as a fairly decent player, but he did a pretty good job of humbling me.  About the only thing I imagine that could match his skills in chess is his appetite.  All the guy did was talk about food through out the entire game.  He sounded fairly healthy, but he didn't look quite right.  I wonder if he's okay.
September 26
I was supposed to play another game of chess with Tomas, but we had to cancel it because he hasn't been felling too well.  He stopped by to see me, but I told him to go back and rest since he literally looked like the walking dead.  He insisted that he was just fine, but I could tell he was really having problems.  Come to think of it, I haven't been feeling too good myself lately...

-Patrol Report-
September 20th
9:30 PM reporter: Sgt. Neil Carlsend We received a report of a suspicious individual skulking around the sewers in the outskirts of Raccoon City.  I searched the area and located the individual, but he ran away before I was able to question him.  I recovered the following items: *A small amount of C4 plastic explosive.  *An electronic detonator.  *9.19 parabellum rounds, and *infrared scope (broken).
End of report.

To Leon S. Kennedy, Congratulations on your assignment to the Raccoon City police department.  We all look forward to having you as a part of our team and promise to take good care of you.  Welcome Aboard! From all the guys at the Raccoon City Police Department.

This letter is just to inform everyone about the recent movement of equipment that has happened during the precinct's rearrangement.  "Safe with four digit lock"  Has been moved from the S.T.A.R.S office on the second floor, to the eastern office on the first floor.  "2236"  Raccoon Police Liaison Dept.

-Operation Report-
September 26th
The Raccoon Police Dept. was unexpectedly attacked by zombies.  Many have been injured, Even more were killed.  During the attack, our communications equipment was destroyed and we no longer have contact with the outside.  We have decided to carryout an operation with the intent of rescuing any possible survivors as well as to prevent this disaster from spreading beyond Raccoon City.  The details of the operation are as follows: Security of armaments and ammunition.  Chief Irons has voiced concern regarding the issue of terrorism due to a series of recent unresolved incidents.  On the very day before the zombies' attack, he made the decision to relocate all weapons to scattered intervals throughout the building as a temporary measure to prevent their possible seizure.  Unfortunately, this decision has made it extremely difficult for us to locate all ammunition caches.  It has become our top priority to recover these scattered munitions.  To unlock the weapon storage.  As stated earlier, it will be extremely difficult to secure all the ammunition.  However, a considerable supply still remains in the underground weapon storage.  Unfortunately, the person in charge of the card key used to access he weapon storage is missing and we have been unable to locate the key.  One of the breakers went down during the battle and the electronic locks are not functioning in certain areas.  It has become first priority to restore the power in the power room and secure those locks. September 27 1:00 PM.  The west barricade has been broken through and another exchange ensued.  We sheltered the injured in the confiscation room on the first floor temporarily.  Twelve more people were injured in the battle.
September 28
Early Morning 2:30 AM.  Zombies overran the operation room and another battle broke out.  We lost four more people, including David.  We're down to four people, including myself.  We failed to secure the weapons cache, and hope for out survival continues to diminish. We won't last much longer...  We agreed upon a plan to escape through the sewer. There's a path leading from the predict underground to the sewage disposal plant.  We should be able to access the sewers through there.  The only drawback is that there is no guarantee the sewage disposal plant is free of any possible dangers.  We know our chance in the sewers are slim, but anything is better than simply waiting here to die.  In order to buy more time, we locked the only door leading to the underground, which is located in the eastern office.  We left the key behind in the western office since it's unlikely that any of those creatures have the intelligence to find it and unlock the door.  I pray that this operation report will be helpful to whoever may find it.  Recorder: Eliot Edward

Brad-  If you don't remember who Brad is, think back from the first Resident Evil, he was the man who got pecked to death by the crows, or where you get the bazooka with Jill.  To get him start A new game, and go to the police station without picking up any items, now remember where I told you that you could take two paths to the police Station, the long one where there were no zombies and when you come up from the stairs there would be A green herb in the garden right there, and then there was the short way where you could kill about three zombies and go into the Police Station right there.  Ok go take the long path and on the way there you should find Brad sitting down on the street some where, he takes a bit more caps in his ass than A normal spawn from hell.  When you kill him you will get the "Special Key", this key allows you to change your cloths, the locker where you get to change your clothes is in the "dark room", the room where you can develop film.  (You have to check Brads dead body to get the key, it just won't appear in your item box just because you could kill him.)
Weapons - There are a total of three weapons you can get, the first one is the "Submachine Gun", you have to beat any scenario without using a Health Spray.   The second is the "Gattling Gun" which is a personal favorite of mine, it will tear down zombies like how water puts out fire.  There won't be a moment in this game with this weapon were you will ever be afraid of another zombie, you can get this piece of art by not saving you game the whole way through, yeah I know that's a killer but if you want this sweet baby that's what you have to do, its wroth the try though.  The last of the guns is a flashback from the original resident evil, the "Rocket Launcher".  This baby is a little slow and takes time to rise on your shoulder, but MAN does it get on those zombies nerves.  Every time you shoot a zombie with one of these killer rockets it lights there little ass right on fire, they will walk around a little bit on fire than fall to the ground knowing the fate.  You may obtain this nice piece of metal by beating all four games with ever one, oh no that's not all either, you have to beat them all within two hours and thirty minutes or less.  Have fun. Secret Agent known as "Hunk", and "Tofu"
The last of the secrets, and the best idea I thought A game could do was a little mini game with umbrella top agents.  I have to give it to Capcom on this one.  The secret mini game is called "The 4th Survivor" where you play as one of Umbrella's agents known as "Hunk", this brave soul survived William's wrath, and now has to deliver the G-virus back to umbrella alive.  But this is no ordinary game, his game is super hard, with only so much ammo, and A shit load more zombies, it will take skill to beat his game, not steel.  But good try though. But now I give you the last secret of them all, Umbrella most secret agent, the best of the best.  This man can do anything, besides the point he only has a knife, and only knows how to use a knife.  His name is "Tofu".  You can get this piece of bean curd by saving the mini game and finishing all the scenarios for A total of four times or more, when you have done this the game will ask you if you want to create A save file for the hero Tofu.  Well for those who do get this far good luck, because your going to need it.   I have no more to tell you, what could I tell you now.  I hope that this guide has help you a lot, I tried to draw the maps of the levels but it got to be so much, I had no idea that something like this could be so hard.  I don't even want to look at Resident Evil no more, I don't want to play it, here anybody talk about it, or watch someone else play it in front of me.  I mean this was a good game and all but once you're played it all the time, all day it will get to you.  I didn't write A guide for Claire because there basically the same, yeah maybe her game is a little bit different but you will know the Police Station from your first encounter with Leon.  You should know how to stay alive in A world with zombies.  Tsepesh bids you farewell, and maybe there will be a game with Vampires next time, yeah and maybe if A frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass when it hoped.  This next part is from the Bible, it is not made to offend nobody, it is just there to question where are we from, and who made us? JOEL         Little is known about the prophet "Joel", and it is not clear just when he lived.  But it seems likely that the book comes from the fifth or fourth century B.C., during the time of the Persian Empire.  Joel describes a terrible invasion of locusts and a devastating drought in Palestine.  In these events he sees a sign of the coming Day of the Lord, a time when the Lord will punish those who oppose his righteous will.  The prophet conveys the Lord's call to the people to repent, and his promise of the righteous and blessing for his people.  Noteworthy is the promise that God will send his spirit upon all the people, men and women, young and old alike. "Afterward I will pour out my spirit on everyone:  Your sons and daughters will proclaim my message; your old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions.  At that time I will pour out my spirit even on servants, both men and women.  I will give warnings of that day in the sky and on the earth; there will be bloodshed, fire, and clouds of smoke.  The sun will be darkened, and the moon will turn red as blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.  But all who ask the Lord for help will be saved.  As the Lord has said, some in Jerusalem will escape; those whom I choose will survive".

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