Duke Nukem: Time To Kill Walkthrough


City Streets:
The streets are crawling with pigs. The first order of business is for you to find some more substantial weaponry. Head into Duke's favourite hangout, the club Bootylicious. Behind the counter is a switch opening up the wall, revealing a secret room. Grab the Combat Shotgun the guard drops when you kill him & don’t miss the Atomic Health in the wardrobe.
As you roam about, you will find a green Dumpster in the alley. Pull it out of the way to find the Gattling Gun in a nook in the wall. Climb up the fire escape & you’ll find yourself confronted with 2 members of LARD & a leather-clad dominatrix. Meow. Talk to her & she will uncover a switch. Turn the lights out & the bed will slide over. The Pipe Bombs you find are necessary to get into the next secret area. Find the wall sprayed with graffiti. Throw a Pipe Bomb at the discoloured portion of the sidewalk & it will blast a hole large enough for you to enter. This tunnel has Night Vision Goggles in it & will have you emerging at the entrance to the subway.

The Sewers:
Once you have moved that subway car out of the way, you will be entering the sewer system. Check out the vending machines before you move on to boost your health to the max. The door to the left is the transporter room, but you will need to find the three crystals prior to using it (see The 3 Crystals). Following the main branch to the right of the transporter room will bring you to a large room filled with air ducts. Climb all the way to the top to find a secret area in one of the corners. From this room you can take a side passage leading to an area of darkened hallways. Use the Night Vision Goggles to find your way to a ladder. Climb up to the secret area, but more importantly, check out the grate at the top of the ladder. Blow it open to reveal a hidden surprise, your ticket to the first Challenge round. The last secret of this level is found in the large room that you need to fill with water. Go through this room and take out the large Gattling Gun guarding the faucet you need to reach. Use your RPG to make quick work of it. Turn the faucet to drain this room, collecting the stash of Shotgun Ammo and Medikit before you go. Return to the other faucet and turn it to fill the room. There is an Atomic Health in a hidden area at the bottom of the pool. Now return to the transporter room, using the crystals to activate it.

The 3 Crystals:
The Red Crystal is in a room off to the right of the main sewage tunnel. Climb the chain to reach the top platform and watch out for newly arrived enemies waiting in the wings.
The Green Crystal is down a passageway guarded by a huge Gattling gun. Use the crate for cover, jumping up and firing to take it out. The crystal is just beyond that point.
The Blue Crystal can be reached from the large room, which needs to be filled with water. Once the room has been filled with water, swim down through the tunnel until you emerge in the room with the last crystal.

Challenge Stage 1:
You begin the level armed with a Super Eagle, a rapid-firing version of your trusty handgun. Start out by clearing the catwalks, working your way to the ground floor. This area is conveniently scattered with crates for you to use as cover while putting holes in those dirty swine. Plenty of health and even some armour will be dropped by the fallen pigs, but don't get too comfortable, you still need to clear downstairs. This area has our reptilian friends running around taking shots at you from behind pillars. Two can play that game. Use the pillars to your advantage, using them for cover during your onslaught. The exit portal is in the center of the room.


The Mines:
The aliens are attempting to create a ghost town where new L.A. will stand one day. Stop them from disrupting the local mining activity. There are three doors, which will need to be opened by switches. Go the opposite way you start the level facing and throw the first switch. Dive into the water to find a secretly placed Atomic Health. When you start the level turn around and head the opposite way. The door you just opened leads to the room with the skeleton key in it. You'll need this if you plan to get any further in the level. Flip the switch in the room with the key and you will be led to a chamber with some nauseating fumes, Grab the Bio Mask before you enter the gas and watch out for the 'handful of floating aliens lurking below. When you emerge from the gas filled area you will see a blocked path. The skeleton key is what you need to open the gate, but don't miss the weapons available from this room. Go up the ladder to find a Buffalo Rifle and some ammo, while going down will provide you with n RPG. Once through the gate you will see a wall with a skull on it blocking your way. A huge mining drill will burst through the wall so high tail it back to the turn-off. Check out this tunnel once the drill is gone and you'll find a ladder, which leads up to a secret room housing a Flame-thrower and some ammo. The tunnel opens up into a room guarded by more alien friends. Work your way across the platforms to reach the other side. There are several shotgun-slinging swine waiting for you when you get there, some of them breaking through a wall to attack. Follow the tunnel around until you meet another one of those mammoth drilling machines and go through the opening it came from. You will find yourself in a cavern crawling with reptiles. There is an Atomic Health boarded up in a small cubby. Use some Dynamite to extract it. Climb the rope netting to find a secret area with some Night Vision Goggles and some Gattling Gun ammo. You will soon encounter the tremors caused by a monstrous drill. Grab the catwalk above and work your way to the other side where you will have to drop down into a pit. Keep pushing forward when you drop to minimise your injuries. When you reach the next tunnel, check the pitch-black area behind you to find a secret Jetpack, which you will need for the large cavern ahead (see Jetpack Area). Once past this initial chamber, you will come to a long tunnel. Watch out for the two rolling boulders and the breakaway floor just of them. Below are several chambers filled with aliens, but nothing of vital importance. Your goal lies straight ahead. There is a Green Crystal stuck in a pedestal in the room at the end. Several pigs will materialise once you grab it so be prepared to open fire. Drop down the opening at the back of the room until you reach the tracks. The Green Crystal car be placed in the back of the drill just up ahead to clear the path of those annoying reptiles. The door ahead is the level exit, so throw the switch and let's get the heck out of these mining tunnels.

Jetpack Area:
The Jetpack itself takes a little getting used to, but isn't bad to control. The easiest method for flying about is to tap the Jump button for short bursts. This area is plagued by reptiles just waiting to nail you in the pack (you'll explode instantly). If they weren't bad enough, there are bats flying around shooting at you. These pests are awful to try to shoot, but the Flame-thrower seems to work pretty well on them. Dive into the river at the bottom of this room and swim to a secret chamber with a Medikit. At the very top of this chamber is another Surprise which you won't want to pass up.

Jetpack Area Pickups:
There is another Jetpack at the back end of the chamber, just to the right of where you came in. Right in the middle of the room, about halfway up is a ledge with a stash of assorted ammo. Lastly, don't miss the Surprise icon just before you exit this chamber. Duke will need every last bit of weaponry he can find.

Challenge Stage 2:
This time you're racing against the clock to obtain the Super Shotgun for your inventory. There are 20 scaly fiends running about to dispose. The room has plenty of cover, two underground tunnels, which meet in the middle and four rooms. The exit is located directly across from where you begin the level. I like to rush the tunnel and clear the exit room first. Then use the doorway for cover to clean out the big room. The two side rooms are filled with reptiles, so try to lure them into your sights one by one.


The Warehouse:
This place looks familiar. New L.A. has been completely ransacked by those alien scum. Once again you will need to locate the three crystals and activate the teleporter. There are two speedy droids prowling the streets when you arrive. They may look harmless, but these little fellas will take you out. Hit them with something big, like say your RPG. What used to be Bootylicious is now empty aside from a Combat Shotgun and a load of ammo. Similarly, the room upstairs has a Gattling Gun with some ammo and, more importantly, the warehouse key. The subway entrance is filled with water and blocked off, but has an Atomic Health waiting for you at the end. You may have noticed the green Dumpster has moved. Blast open the grate above it to find a secret passage. There are Pipe Bombs inside and a hole in the floor that's perfect for you to drop in on the guards below. Once you have dispensed with the guards, check the side rooms. The bathroom has someone hiding out in one of the stalls and the room to the right of that has the Green Crystal in it. Before you begin exploring the rest of the warehouse, insert the crystal in the slot on top of the conveyor belts to get them moving and open their doors. From this room, follow the ramps up until you are facing an opening in the room with the conveyor belt. Take a running jump across and you will enter a large room with several different levels of catwalks. At the very bottom of this room is the Red Crystal and a Jetpack. All you have to do is fill all of the reptiles getting in your way with lead. Check the surrounding side rooms and you'll find some Pipe Bombs and another Jetpack. When you have cleared the area and are standing at the edge of the conveyor room, you will see an opening on the far side. This is considered one of the secrets, but will only lead into the room with all the giant test tanks. Dive into the large tank with the aliens inside and swim to the bottom. There is a secret passage leading to a room stockpiled with ammo and the Energy Weapon. When you exit the tank, follow the catwalks to the door on the opposite side. Drop down the opening inside with gun in hand to take out a host of reptile attackers. If you continue to follow this passageway you will eventually run into a door which can't be opened yet. Instead, get on the other conveyor belt, which leads to a room with three openings in the floor. The two on the right are connected. It is a small area to explore and beneficial if you are in need of health. There is an Atomic Health and a Medikit to be found in this section. The opening on the left leads to an underwater area and a junkyard, the watery route doesn't hold anything of interest. This outdoor area is loaded with reptiles and has some handgun ammo scattered about, but there are more important things to look for. Move the Dumpster to reveal the entrance to the room with the Blue Crystal inside. If you decided to take the underwater passage first, you will see the crystal through a window and probably be wondering how to get to it. Now drop down the opening in the back of the junkyard and get on the conveyor. Edge yourself to the right side of the conveyor and prepare for a running jump. The platform you will be jumping to has the switch that will turn off the conveyor and the third Surprise. The red door will open as well, and now you can go back to where you placed the Green Crystal and remove it from the slot. Now all that is left for you to do is get past all of the searing flames. Duke likes it hot, but this is a bit much. Timing is everything. It is simply a matter of patience. Wait for the flames to stop and then move forward a little to stop and then move forward a little at a time until you have cleared them. Place three crystals and get that transporter in working order.

The 3 Crystals:
The Green Crystal is in a side room to the right of the bathroom near the entrance.
The Red Crystal is through the door to the right of the conveyor belt.
The Blue Crystal is in a room reached by going outside and moving the green Dumpster you find there.

Challenge Stage 3:
Everyone loves giant floating brains that fire balls of energy at you. There are 14 aliens to splatter all over the walls on this stage. There are two main rooms connected by ramps on the perimeter. The exit is located to the far left and is on the upper level.
Stay up top and clear each room by strafing back and forth from behind walls and pillars. Avoid stepping out into the rooms at all costs. There are seven aliens per side and you will be hit heavily by energy balls if you reveal yourself too long. All of your efforts will be well worth the trouble though. Your prize is the most excellent Laser Gattling Gun.


Von Nukem Castle:
The aliens have resorted to taking out your forefathers with a nasty bio-engineered plague. Not if Duke has anything to say about it. After disposing of the welcome party in the dining hall, follow the corridor around until you reach the edge of a lava pit.
Use the grating on the ceiling to work your way across. There is a patch of water below if you happen to get knocked off by a lucky shot.
Safely on the other side, you come to a section of glass-covered halls. Grab the Biomask off the wall and head to the source of the problem. Turn the valve off to lower the level of fumes, but keep an eye on the height. The gas level will only be lowered temporarily, so hurry it up. The water you saw by the lava pit comes out in this room. When you turn the valve the gates will open, releasing some slimy reptiles. The rest of this hallway is lined by these guys and they're toting around Gattling Guns, so be careful for goodness sake! At the end of the hallway you will find a ladder to climb up to the next floor. Flip the switch you come to three times to open all of the gates. Pick off those reptiles through the bars before you do. The next room has several smaller versions of the floating brains zipping around. They won't cause you too much grief, though. Once through the room you will come to a narrow path across some lava. Watch out for fire-spouting bats sneaking up from behind. Use the Energy Weapon to make quick work of them. Just through the archway is another large lava-filled room, this one scattered with pillars. Each side of this room has a switch on the far wall. You will need to throw both of them to lower the gate to go any further. As you continue further into the castle, you will begin to notice the alien technology. Finally you come to an extremely tall room filled with all sorts of tanks. Climb the girders until you reach the top. You will have to jump across gaps to grab ladders, so I hope your life insurance is paid up. At the very top is a guard holding one of the two keys that you need. This key opens the lower of the two gates. The newly opened path leads to a room filled to the brim with more of those foul- smelling fumes. The guard below has the second key, which you need. Hopefully you saved some air of your Biomask. If not, you'll have to make a beeline for the valve to drain the room. Return to the last room and cross the bridge to use the key. It will uncover a valve for you to turn that will drain all of the tanks of their liquid. Begin you ascent once again and you will find that the second gate on the opposite wall has been lowered. Fight your way through some guards and it's back upstairs you go. I hate dungeons.

The Hidden Surprise:
Just after you throw the two switches and enter the lowered gate, you will come to a room with some pipes. Walk to the end of the bridge and lower yourself to the platform below to find the Surprise icon.

Challenge Stage 4:
Armed with an incendiary RPG, you'll have three and a half minutes to obliterate 26 enemies. The area you will be doing this in is basically an oval. There is a large open room in the centre and a corridor, which runs around the outside. This corridor will drop down to the lower level and then rise back up. The exit is on the upper area, literally opposite of where you start. RPGs create rather large explosions, so fire it constantly, aiming ahead of where you are heading to clear the way. Be extremely careful not to get too carried away or you'll end up fraggin' yourself in the process.


Back To L.A.:
The aliens are assembling an invasion force and it looks like you're the lucky candidate who gets to stop them. Duke's favourite part of town to hang out in is similar to the first time you played this level. Much of the ammo, health and weapons are in about the same places. The Gattling Gun is behind the Dumpster and the Atomic Health remains behind the chainlink fence. You will notice the door next to the subway has opened up, leading to the sewage treatment plant. Just through the door you will find an office guarded by a couple of reptilian thugs, but it is only good for a clip of handgun ammo. Continuing on brings you to a storage and finally a large, cylindrical room wrapped with walkways. There are multiple levels to it and all are patrolled heavily. Stick your head out too long and you'll lose it. Work one level at a time and be careful of the ever-present crossfire. The room directly across from where you came in has a key inside, which opens the gate into a experimental chamber on the next tier down. This level has three side rooms. One leads to a lopsided room filled with water. You will find a second key in the bottom right corner. Be sure I turn the valve to begin to lower the water level in the main room. The remaining room leads to a sewage tunnel. Take it to the left until you come to a door where you will need to use the second key you found. Turn the valve inside and the door will close behind you, while the room fills itself with water. At the top of the room is a grate you will need to blast through. Follow the path, breaking through more grates as you go, until you emerge in the storage room at the entrance to the plant. Return to the main chamber and you will find that all of the water has drained and the portal is now ready for you to enter it.

The Surprise:
This levels Surprise icon is hidden in a tricky location. From the main chamber, drop to the second tier and enter the room with the water entrance. Dive in and swim through the tunnels until you surface in a larger pool. Dive straight down to the bottom of the pool and you will notice another tunnel leading off. Follow this around to the end and you will find the icon.

Challenge Stage 5:
Your hard work in finding the Surprise will be rewarded with a Hi-Temp Flame-thrower. You will have to be very careful this time. There are 60 enemies to be dealt with and you only have four minutes to do it in. Fortunately for Duke, they're all chickens. No. Really. All you have to do is run around and barbecue 60 chickens. No fireballs or shotguns being fired your way this time. Just strap that bad boy on and get to frying up some drumsticks. If you need to shave some time off the clock, flame the chickens from below through the grating.


When In Rome:
The aliens have transformed this section of Rome into some type of training facility. They don't train for someone like you though. Run out through the two courtyards on the way to the gate. The second courtyard has some flying fire spitters, so watch your tail. Once at the gate, turn left and enter the Bootius Maximus. Hey, who says Romans don't know how to have fun? There is a skeleton key on the wall guarded by more of those irritating bats. Use the key to get through the gate. Don't enter the arena on the right yet. Instead, keep going until you come to the room at the end of the corridor. Climb up the chains until you reach the top and search behind the lanterns to find the Surprise. This is the last one you will have a shot at. Now you're ready to enter the arena. The reptiles inside are all armed with Gattling Guns and I would suggest doing the same. Once through the gate it will close behind you, leaving you trapped to fight to the death. More creatures will emerge from their cages after you have defeated a couple from the first wave. Once you stand victorious in the arena the other gate will open up, allowing you to continue.
After passing through the gate you will want to check the side rooms for health. At the end of the main corridor you will need to pick up the Jetpack. Ahead you are faced with a moat of lava. Use the Jetpack to work your way around to the backside until you find a switch along the wall. Keep a lookout for side rooms with more Jetpacks inside. The moat along the back of the structure is guarded by enemies positioned on walkways. There are three of these switches in total and once you have flipped them all the bridge will drop. Just a little bit further and you will have reached the exit.

Challenge Stage 6:
You've reached the final chance to receive a power-up for one of your weapons. This time your Energy Weapon will be upgraded to the Super Zapper. The creatures you will be facing are a larger version of the reptiles. There are 20 of them and boy are they mad. The exit to the level is straight across the coliseum. The majority of these monsters are out in the open, unfortunately that means you have to be out in the open as well. Head for one of the two tunnels leading down and try to lure them into range. If you get into trouble there is some health on the pedestal in the centre. It's a good thing that toga doesn't restrict your movements.

With all that out of the way you should be pretty well set for Duke's final confrontation. You should have all the upgraded weaponry and have a good taste of what to expect from each time period that Duke visits. Unfortunately for Duke, aliens just aren't very bright. They'll probably be back and in greater numbers. I guess you'll just have to give them another good old-fashioned ass whipping!


2 Player Mode:
No good first-person shooter is complete without the obligatory, but essential Head-to-Head Mode. These battles can be played on any of the Challenge Modes. Each of these levels has a couple of secret areas, which provide weapons and ammo, as well as the perfect location to spring an ambush. The following are the positions of these hidden areas:
You will start the level facing each other. Go to either of the other two side rooms and check the walls. You will be able to climb the back wall into a connecting secret passage.
Check the elevated areas with the skeletons chained to the walls. There are a number of secret areas to hide in on all of them.
In the lower levels of the coliseum, climb the centre ledge and walk through the wall into the secret area. A perfect location to lie in wait for some unsuspecting sap.
On the lowest level you can get to there is a long corridor which runs through the large circular room in the middle. The walls at the ends of the corridor can be scaled to reach a secret room.

Duke's Arsenal:
Throughout the game he will be able to collect weapons to add to his arsenal. In addition to weapons, he will also need to find valuable items such as Medikits and Night Vision Goggles to help through the tough levels.
Below are some of the more useful weapons and items you will find.
The Shotgun is powerful, but slow to shoot. It can be upgraded into a Super Shotgun.
The Gattling Gun will clear a room in a hurry and can be upgraded as well.
The Buffalo Rifle is perfectly suited to pick enemies off from a great distance in one shot.
Heat things up with the Flame-thrower. The only problem is it only works at close range.
The RPG is the big artillery you need to clear groups of enemies and nail bosses.
Pipe Bombs are great for killing large numbers of enemies. You can set them off with a trigger.
Dynamite is not as powerful as the Pipe Bomb. Once lit, throw it and run like hell.
The Energy Weapon works wonders when dealing with flying enemies like bats.
The Freezer will stop enemies in their tracks, shattering them into tiny shards of ice.
The Holy Hand Grenade bounces around and will home in on the nearest enemy to destroy.
Night Vision Goggles will allow Duke to explore darkened areas to uncover their secrets.
The Biomask will be needed to make it through areas filled with deadly fumes.
The Jetpack will enable you to fly about and reach otherwise unattainable heights.
Portable Medikits will store 50 units of health, allowing you to tap in to when you need it.

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