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The Story So Far...
It was the time of a worldwide oil shortage. The U.S.-heavily dependent on affordable gasoline-was on the verge of an economic breakdown. Strikes, riots, and crime were rampant. All available law enforcement was brought into metropolitan areas, leaving the outlands unprotected.
All this was music to the ears of the Oil Monopoly Alliance Regime (OMAR), a foreign multinational oil consortium bound on monopolising the world oil trade. The U.S. was the last country opposing OMAR's price fixing schemes and the vicious conglomerate was,prepared to go to great lengths to bring the U.S. to its knees.
Enter Sid Burn, the best professional terrorist money could buy. Sid was promised $100 million by OMAR if he managed to push the U.S. economy over the edge. Sid immediately began to organise his troops in remote areas of the southwest. Known as the "Coyotes," these motorised gangsters soon became synonymous with vandalism and chaos. They began to target oil refineries and other vital industrial and commercial installations throughout the region. Small towns and settlements were terrorised.
With no one to turn to for protection, some desperate civilians decided to take the law into their own hands. led by a trucker named Convoy and referred to simply as "Vigilantes," this oddball group of volunteers soon became a major hindrance to Sid's plans.
In the meantime, the U.S. government, feeling more vulnerable than ever, was intensifying its research and development of a new military arsenal. The most advanced weaponry, rumoured to be based on UFO technology, was located at Site-4 'a secret facility at Papoose lake, Nevada. This information was not lost on Sid. Hungry for more firepower, the Coyotes organised an ambush on the facility. The robbery went sour when the Vigilantes unexpectedly appeared at the scene. As a result, the world's most advanced weaponry found its way into the hands of both parties...


Mosquito Machine Gun:

The Mosquito is made in Tijuana, Mexico. It is equally popular with both Coyotes & Vigilantes for it's cheap price & unlimited ammo. This weapon is on every vehicle to start with. Even if you can't seem to find any good stuff on the track, this gun is worth having.
Calibre: 5.56mm
Fire Rate: 720 rounds/min


Interceptor Missiles:

Homing missile developed at Site-4. This experimental weapon uses a combination of optical & heat-seeking tracking systems. While quite agile, it's tracking accuracy depends on target size.
Interceptor Missiles:
Speed: 100 mph
Range: 1200 feet
Halo Decoy:
Up, Up, Down, R2.
An inspiration to prove just how much thought and effort went into the making of this game, the decoy unites two missiles to produce a distracting flare. The hot cruiser attracts other seekers, so that you can get to safety under unfriendly fire.
Up, Up, Up, R2.
Fires 2 missiles without deploying them, briefly pushing the vehicle into a new velocity. It is very useful for jumping gaps and accessing the more inaccessible areas. Cost - 2 missiles


Bull's Eye Rockets:

This 'homemade' rocket is quite powerful, but has a limited range & no tracking ability. Many people love this weapon because it packs a mighty wallop, and requires a little skill as well. Lacking the seeking ability of some other projectiles, the Bull's Eye goes fast in a straight line, so you need to aim.
Road Runner:
Up, Down, Down, R2.
This Special requires two rockets. When executed, the two rockets attach themselves to a vehicle and sends it careering out of control. It is good for hasty getaways to escape those incoming mortars. Cost - 2 Rockets
Up, Down, Up, R2.
This one costs you five rockets, and fires them all off in rapid succession. It comes in handy when you want to finish someone off.
Speed: 120 mph
Range: 650 feet


Sky Hammer Mortar:

This fire-&-forget weapon was extremely hush-hush, until Sid broke into Site-4 & stole it. Adapted from a recovered UFO, the Sky Hammer fires an explosive charge of semi-intelligent alien matter. The blob is initially fired up to 200 feet in the air, then proceeds to fall down under gravity, tracking it's target. While not extremely agile, it is able to adjust the trajectory by altering it's organic shape in flight.
Range: 1000 feet
Turtle Turnover:
Down, Down, Down, R2.
Got an angry beekeeper on your tail, unleashing his painfully mutated pets on you? Try one of these quaint devices. The Turnover is a non-violent way of putting your enemies on their heads. It bounces the baddies high into the air, stopping them from killing you for a while.
Crater Maker:
Down, Down, Up, R2.
This Special move combines all of your remaining shells and lobs them in one big party bomb. When launched over a wide flat area, the crater created is really cool. Cost - 1 to 5 shells


Bruiser Cannon:

As the world's smallest artillery cannon, the Bruiser packs quite a punch. Unfortunately, it's 360 degree auto-tracking turret is rather slow, thus not very effective while on the move. Firing forward is the best way to go, as firing backward at high speed results in a weak shot, whereas firing sideways can lead to an unnecessary two-wheeled stunt. The recoil can be more impeding to the attacker than the shell is to the victim.
Calibre: 60 mm
Range: 850 feet
Cow Puncher:
Down, Up, Down, R2.
So you're sick of rolling yourself with the Bruiser? Roll others with this fine Special. It combines two ammunitions together, and puts your victim into a wild roll on impact.
Down, Up, Up, R2.
Set your foe on fire with the Buckshot. Combines one to six shells in an almighty discharge, which is more than likely to finish the weaker opponents on the field. Cost - 1 to 6 shells


Roadkill Mines:

The Roadkill is a surface mine, manufactured specifically for mobile combat situations. Featuring 'smart trigger' technology, it can be dropped from moving vehicles at high speed. The mine only detonates upon contact with vehicles.
Bear Hug:
Left, Right, Down, R2.
The Bear Hug is so called because it outfits two mines with a magnetic pull. It lies dormant until a vehicle is detected nearby, and it then pulls them in and incapacitates them for around five seconds. Cost - 2 mines
Cactus Patch:
Left, Right, Up, R2.
This Special is a scatter pack of six mines. It is laid as a single unit, but when an unsuspecting motorist should happen upon it, it disperses and disrupts. Don't backtrack after dropping one of these.


Green Crate:

The green crates are harder to find than the brown and they always contain a Special Weapon.


Brown Crate:

These more commonplace crates contain regular weapons usually, but you might be lucky and find a Special.




The shield is exactly that. It protects you from being damaged for a limited time.


Radar Jammer:


This zigzag temporarily jams the enemy's radar's so they cannot find you, and their ammunition cannot track you either.


Weapon Upgrade:


The big X doubles the strength of your chosen weapon for a while. Make the most of it.


Repair Spanner:

The spanner replenishes some of your armour. They are hard to find & are usually placed in high or obscure areas.



Chassey Blue:
A beauty queen & secret government agent from D.C., she joined the Vigilantes as part of her undercover assignment to neutralise the Coyotes.
Special Weapon:
Developed for Chassey by government labs, the Gridlock launches an expanding grid of flares. The flares combust on impact in a gaseous discharge, capable of stalling & damaging almost any engine within the grid area.

Speed: 82.5%
Armour: 40%
Tracking Avoidance: 65%


Slick Clyde:
A showoff playboy from Texas, Clyde was on his way to an auto show in Albuquerque when Convoy confiscated his truck & forced him to help the Vigilantes. (Now, Clyde wants to be the leader).
Special Weapon:
White Lightning
When Clyde originally found this large 'rod' at Site-4, he had no idea it was a lightning-inducing apparatus. He just thought it was a cool looking antenna! It's charge can fry an electrical system.

Speed: 75%
Armour: 65%
Tracking Avoidance: 45%


Convoy's stubborn 16 year old niece, Sheila loves all the action. Convoy is furious with her, but she won't let him send her back home.
Special Weapon:
Tantrum Gun
Sheila loves big guns & this 24mm gattling is as large as her dune buggy can carry. Features an auto-tracking turret. It can knock weapons off of enemies' cars.

Speed: 40%
Armour: 25%
Tracking Avoidance: 100%


John Torque:
A one-time Vegas hustler, he was recruited by Convoy for the good cause. Now, he's Convoy's right-hand man. Vowed never to gamble again.
Special Weapon:
Bass Quake
Torque bought the best car stereo money could buy & he needed the right speaker box to go with it. This custom-made bad boy has enough bass to ripple the Earth.

Speed: 65%
Armour: 70%
Tracking Avoidance: 50%


Dave (Locked):
Dave believes the aliens are his friends & has been tracking them for years. He joined the Vigilantes in hope of entering Site-4 & seeing some aliens first hand.


Convoy (Locked):
The Vigilantes' righteous leader. Originally a trucker, he decided to take the law into his own hands after being repeatedly ambushed by Coyotes on his transport routes.


Former military test pilot of secret craft at Site-4, Loki was released from duty after becoming mentally unstable. He is obsessed with flying & will do anything to pilot one of the 'saucers' again.
Special Weapon:
Scatter Missiles
A rack of 3 cruise missiles retrofitted by Loki with cluster-bomb warheads.

Speed: 40%
Armour: 50%
Tracking Avoidance: 85%


Houston 3:
OMAR's scientists turned Houston into a bionic woman against her will. Half human, half machine, she was programmed to aid Sid in his quest for destruction & chaos.
Special Weapon:
Super Fantastic Death Ray 3-Ax
OMAR's scientists spared no expense when creating weaponry for the ultimate assassin. This blue laser ray will cut through anything & keep on going. It can knock power-ups off enemies' cars.

Speed: 90%
Armour: 55%
Tracking Avoidance: 50%


A die hard dance fan, Boogie is the winner of several disco dancing competitions. When not shaking his booty, Boogie runs dirty jobs for Sid.
Special Weapon:
Disco Inferno
Boogie's own invention. An inflatable disco-ball firing explosive flares. Spin, baby, spin!

Speed: 45%
Armour: 40%
Tracking Avoidance: 85%


An enraged Arizona beekeeper. When his bees were mutated by radiation from government nuclear tests, Beezwax joined the Coyotes in revenge.
Special Weapon:
Gamma Swarm
Don't let Beezwax unleash his mutant bees. They will 'Sting ya real good!' Can you outrun the swarm?

Speed: 35%
Armour: 70%
Tracking Avoidance: 65%


An obnoxious kid from New York, Molo was kicked out of school for bad behaviour. He stole a school bus & headed West to play Bully with the big boys.
A wanna-be Coyote.


Sid Burn:
A born arsonist. Sid is the Coyotes' ruthless leader. He was promised $100 million by a foreign oil consortium to destabilise the U.S. economy by wreaking havoc in the South-West.


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